Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape

J16 – Constantin

For Fenris_Vile! This is her D&D rogue/beguiler/arcane trickster, whose favorite spell is Spiderclimb:

Walking on walls and ceilings? Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights never told me of such a spell!
I’ve gotta play some real D&D sometime.

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7 Responses to “J16 – Constantin”

  1. Fenris Says:

    This is fantastic~! Funnily enough, that was actually what I did for most of the game.


    …Why does everything I say come out creepy recently?

  2. XiaoCaity Says:

    …I should totally set up a game on irc for us all sometime. We could have SO much fun, srsly.

    You gotta play this guy, he sounds awesome!

  3. KitFang Says:

    lol That would indeed be a handy skill to have…I’ll bet even if that guard spotted you, there’d be little he could do about it on his own. (Unless he has projectile spells… Which he might. Is it just me or does he look a bit like our Hometropolis guardsmen?)

    Constantin’s costume is so much fun! I highly approve.

    I imagine playing D&D would be a great time… Don’t really know any of the rules, nor do I have anyone to play it with…but still, I’ll bet it’s fantastic!

    Nice job with the stairs and perspective here, Aja! Kudos!

    @Fenris: Don’t worry, dear. Better to feel creepy around other the rest of us equally creepy people than to feel creepy around creepyless non-creepers. (Can I say creepy again? CREEPY.)

  4. DarkMousy Says:

    The nonchalant expression is perfect XD

  5. Riverfox237 Says:

    XD I love his jester-esque outfit, and how calm, cool, and collected he looks. He’s just all like “Doo-dee-doo, walkin’ on the ceiling. Silly guards and their cluelessness.”

    I wouldn’t want to play D&D simply because I played once, and I’m sorry, but the rounds and turns you have to take when fighting and the fact that when you’re still really weak early in the game you can’t do hardly ANY damage made it bore me to tears. Plus it was getting late that night, so one of our members used his magical instrument summoning ability to summon a piano to crush the rest of the zombies so we could all go home. I much prefer storytelling RPs, ’cause then you get to have fun with the chars’ personalities. =D So I would LOVE to play a storytelling RP with this guy.

  6. Fenris Says:

    @Riverfox I think that has a lot to do with the DM’s personality, and how the characters are created. A way to get around all that is to start off with characters that are already leveled up. That’s what I did with Connie here – we just calculated his stats as if I’d played him all the way up to level twelve. (^_^)

    Unfortunately, he was relatively under-powered and a wee bit useless because I created him for sneakiness when what we really needed was asplodiness. For instance, I put ranks into Perform: Dance, which made for a lot of stupid jokes about pole dancing, but didn’t aid in the fights. The DM was kind enough to let him filch a Magic-Missile-producing wand off an enemy later in the game.

  7. Aja Says:

    Magic Missile from above! I bet that resulted in some good times. :D

    From my roomie’s stories of old D&D games, it sounded like even a low-level party could be pretty fun. She might’ve had an unusually tolerant DM, though. (E.g., one first-level mage used the “Untie” cantrip on an enemy’s drawstring, causing a wardrobe malfunction that tripped it and turned the tide of battle.) XD