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J16 – The Dusk to Dusk

For Amarath! Who, with possible Minecraft construction in mind(!), wanted to see blueprints for the Dusk to Dusk nightclub. Well, given this year’s color scheme, what we have here are more like sepiaprints:

(Larger version here.)

Have I mentioned that I have no idea how blueprints work?

So, this probably needs some exposition explanation because I made this place needlessly complicated for my own amusement! As you probably know, the club is inside an underground cavern. There are four tall buildings in the corners, acting as support pillars with their highest floors lodged in the stone ceiling. On Page 125, Jim takes our heroes into the top of one; that’s an “employee entrance.” Most of the interior is in poor shape, so if you go in that way, you’ll have to climb down the gazillion flights of emergency stairs on the outside of the building. (Customers get a much better deal — they just ride a lift down to the customer entrance.)

The lowest floors of the buildings have been renovated and used for extra entertainment facilities, storage/maintenance rooms, employee quarters, etc. The main club (everything we’ve seen in the comic so far) is set up in the cross-shaped space between buildings. There’s a wide red stripe along the floor/carpet, running down the stairs at the customer entrance and all the way up the center of the club to the stage. (The better for tipsy customers to find their way out.) The buildings are largely hidden back in the cavern wall, with only two faces visible: one with an emergency staircase (on whichever side faces the red stripe), and one with a door leading in to the lowest floor. Lastly, the path to the Pit curves around to the left and slopes downward as it goes.

I hope that mostly makes sense! The details are mostly for interest — naturally, for Minecrafting purposes, feel free to simplify the heck out of it. (“Four giant square pillars with some tables and chairs in the intersection” is pretty much the gist of it, anyway.) :D

More in-comic views of the club are on pages 133 (view from the ceiling), 134 (ground level), 150 (emergency stairs and path to the Pit) and 151 (more of the path behind the curtains).

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3 Responses to “J16 – The Dusk to Dusk”

  1. KitFang Says:

    Our text is tiny!! lol (Or at least I assume it will be when I click submit. Might there be a stray, open tag above here someplace?)

    It’s actually really neat to get to understand the layout better–I’m not sure I realized there was a proper bar down there. I didn’t understand the staircases properly either. Well, I mean, I saw them. But I couldn’t tell what sides anything was on or what faced what exactly. So they entered atop the tower that houses the kitchens and etc, right? One wonders why the interiors of these buildings would be in “poor shape” as you call it. One also wonders why the buildings would have had to be “renovated.” One wonders these things until one begins to surmise that perhaps these are actually pretty ancient structures that the owners of The Dusk simply *found*. Oh yes, I have suspicions now, my dear. :evil grin: (Mind you, I could be totally wrong. Maybe The Dusk has been running for centuries…somehow escaping the city officials’ notice…and they just don’t take care of their buildings… >_> )

    Is it wrong that the thing that excites me the most from all this is that I quite suddenly suspect that we may see a certain formerly-cloaked gentleman from the city bar in “The Pit” when we get to it properly? (I had been keeping my eyes peeled for him before…but hadn’t understood the entrance area to the Pit some 20 pages or so ago. So it just didn’t occur to me. But now…now I think I see him!)

  2. Fenris Says:

    Ooh, this is cool! Now I feel the urge to procrastinate on homework by (literally <3) world-building. I MUST BE STRONG.

  3. Aja Says:

    Text fixed!

    Hmmm, those are some intriguing conclusions/theories~ Although of course I can’t confirm or deny them. Hem-hem.

    …Dang, woman, you even recognized that guy way in the background on 134? That’s some serious attention-to-detail! *salutes*