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J16 – Snow Battle

For KitFang! Who wanted to see Kit fighting either Lord Octopod or Jim, in the snow. I decided to go with Jim this time:

…but Lord Octopod isn’t really one to follow directions. Tsk.

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7 Responses to “J16 – Snow Battle”

  1. Avatara Says:

    Nice! Do you think the octopod will take Kit’s side against Jim, or is it just maneuvering into position to righteously pelt all and sundry? It certainly has them outgunned, in any case. ;)

    I like the “Oh, no!” gesture of the snow man in the background. :D

  2. Aja Says:

    “All and sundry” seems most likely. ;)

    (Indeed, the snowman has good reason to be alarmed. He’s made of snowballs!)

  3. KitFang Says:

    HA! Beautiful. Lord Octopod knows fun when he sees it and he wasn’t going to let YOU keep him from it, clearly.
    And no, she probably wouldn’t believe him…at first.

    “What’s the matter, Jim? You didn’t even dodge that one! Hahaha! Giving up already? Look, I know you fancy yourself quite the gentleman, but this is really just too m–’Look out behind me’? Oh, please! I–” …and it’s about that time, as she bends to make another snowball, that she catches a glimpse of the strange shadows curling above her.

    After that, there’s going to be a lot of scrambling on both their parts, I’ll wager. It’s not every day that you’re attacked by an eldritch Lord of such impressive size…

    (Oh, dear… I’m not actually sure if they could survive a direct hit from a snowman-sized snowball… How strong is Jim’s fire magic? I can’t speak for Kit’s strength in this area, because though it is implied that she might be a noblewoman in the True Magic world, it is not confirmed from her appearance in the comic. For all I know, she could just carry herself really well. Either way: DODGE, guys!)
    (Then again, who else but nobles would play in the snow without gloves to keep their hands warm? Hmm…)

    I love getting a better look at what you envisioned for the rest of Kit’s clothes! And you gotta love the way those tentacles curl around the snowballs. Especially that leading one–it gives a nice sense of 3-dimensionality. Is perspective playing a trick on me here, though? Because I didn’t think Jim was quite that short. :o Kit’s only around 5’3″ in most of her incarnations, afterall.

    Long story short: Thank you, my dear! I love it!! ♥

  4. Fenris Says:

    Kit, just pick Jim up and dump him in a snow bank. He’s short enough! (Well, that’s what *I’d* do in any case.)

  5. Riverfox237 Says:


    That is all I have to say.

  6. Aja Says:

    Whoops — yeah, Jim isn’t quite THAT short. XD He’s supposed to be about Kiku-height. But, er… perhaps he just shrank back in fear? (Yeah… that’s the ticket.)

    On the plus side, the spontaneous chibification will probably make it a lot easier to carry out Fenris’s suggestion. :D

  7. KitFang Says:

    @Fenris and Aja: Oh, come now, they were engaging in a rousing round of snowballicuffs! Kit would never sully the game…never take advantage of her adversary’s sudden, unexpected change in stature…never pull such a dirty, underhanded tri–
    Okay, maybe she would. >_>