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Page 220 is up! (And if you want to become a patron, you can also see Page 221 early!)

Apologies for posting the same disclaimer again, but... I'm still working to keep up and/or catch up on art commitments, so email replies will be slow for a while. I'm always happy to hear from you guys, though. ♥ Thanks for your patience!

In unrelated news: Apparently there's a lunar eclipse coming up tonight. If you're in a good place to see it, you might want to check it out!

...And while you're here, how about checking out the Spark of the Day?

Dark Places: A Horror-Fantasy-Adventure Webcomic
Dark Places

A horror-fantasy-adventure comic with striking artwork and an engaging story. Ever thought of combining Lovecraftian horror with the creepier aspects of fairy tales and Celtic fair-folk lore? It's surprisingly appropriate, and eerily awesome.

Posted by Aja at 5:12 AM


Happy Fanservice Day!

Looks like it's Shirtless O'clock at the guard station.

This year's pinup is also a contest prize for Saint Cy, who won first place in the most recent fan contest. If you haven't yet read Cy's awesome mystery/adventure story, go now!

You can also see more lovely Fanservice Day art from other people over on deviantART. ♥

Have fun today, and watch out for pranks!

Posted by Aja at 12:34 AM

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