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240 - Et Tu, Gravity?

Posted 2014-10-15
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Ceci N'est Pas Une News Post

I have some important news, but the post is taking a while, and I didn't want to put off the comic update any longer, so... here's a new page for you!

More coming soon. ♥

...And while you're here, how about checking out the Spark of the Day?

Archipelago Comic
Archipelago Comic

An injured young man washes up on the beach with no name, no memories, and no idea why he was abandoned in the open sea. As that mystery unfolds, it's only the beginning of a truly epic sci-fi/fantasy adventure.

Posted by Aja at 6:00 AM



Page 238 is up! (And for our truly magical patrons, the next few pages are up early!)

Sorry if comic updates have been sporadic lately. I haven't had a day off all month, and I'm still working as fast as I can to meet deadlines and earn the rest of October rent.

Thanks so much for your patience! I'll try to do better for you guys. ♥

Posted by Aja at 6:48 PM

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