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288 - Master of Unlocking

Posted 2015-10-06
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SpiderForest Comedy Comics

Behold the penultimate trio of new SpiderForest comics! This week, our theme is Comedy:

Ball and Chain follows the adventures of a young mutant gladiator and her friend, a scatter-brained pick-pocket. (Has some violence and some cussin'.)

Accursed Dragon is about a man on a quest to regain his humanity after being cursed into the form of a dragon. Some of the sight gags and facial expressions had me giggling from the start.

And the third featured comic this week is True Magic! (I've linked to this one before, but it's still one of my favorites.) :3

Spark of the Day:

Spiky-Haired Dragon, Worthless Knight
Spiky-Haired Dragon, Worthless Knight

The only way our hero can break the curse on his family is by killing a dragon. But what happens when the first dragon he finds is a cute hatchling who's intent on becoming his friend? Read the comic and find out!

Posted by Aja at 2:48 PM


Happy Comic Anniversary!

True Magic has been going for seven years now! (Or twelve, if you count Ye Olden Times before The Great Reboot of '08.)

Thank you so much for reading!

And a world of thanks to the people who support the comic on Patreon! Every dollar makes a huge difference, and True Magic absolutely exists thanks to you. ♥

I want to make the comic's next year even better. Making stories for you guys is the most fulfilling work I can imagine, and I'm going to keep working to improve until I can make it my full-time job for real.

Here's to the next year of True Magic! I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as :D and I have making it. ♥

Posted by Aja at 8:08 PM


Northwind Returns!

Northwind, one of my favorite webcomics, just started updating again!

If you enjoy True Magic, I'm pretty sure you'll like Northwind as much as I do. It's a fun urban fantasy adventure with an intriguing story, charming characters, some delightfully silly moments, and... did I mention that it features handsome angels with fabulous hair?

Go check it out, my friends! ♥

Posted by Aja at 1:23 AM

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