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Posted 2014-12-20
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Book 'im, Danno

It's the Only Way to Be Sure




December 20th Update: We've made great progress! Thanks to your help, we're up to almost 75% of our funding goal on Patreon. We're just a few dollars away from the $300 mark -- can we reach it by Christmas?

I put off this post as long as possible. But now, it seems that Fate... has forced my hand.


Let me tell you what is up! This is important to the comic, so please bear with me.

First and foremost: Heartfelt thanks to everyone who's supporting the comic on Patreon!

We're over halfway to our full-time funding goal, which is wonderful. This year, we've been able to produce dozens more new pages than would have been possible without patron support. (Henson's match wouldn't have even started yet!) If you're a patron, you are truly our hero. ♥

One reason this post has taken so long is because I've been afraid that bringing up any difficulties at this point might come across as ungrateful. Not so! You guys are amazing, and I'm thankful every day that you enjoy the comic enough to help us make more of it.

The other reason is due to my work schedule. ("Weekends"? "After hours"? What are these alien noises?) I've gotten so burned out that I could barely think.

The thing is, being at this "halfway" mark for several months straight has put me in a bind:

1. Since the Patreon income is essential to meeting our monthly expenses, I can't afford NOT to keep up production on the comic. That's 80+ hours of work per month, which would be fine...

2. ...except that I also can't afford to do any less of the (extremely time-consuming) commission and freelance work that I was ALREADY doing.

This is unsustainable. I've been trying to finish the work that's already paid for, while struggling to keep up with each month's NEW work in order to keep the lights on, and just getting farther and farther behind.

I can't keep this up, but I can't afford to cut back AT ALL on any part of it.

PLOT TWIST: I just found out that my main freelance job will be ending soon.

My best client is wrapping up the project that we've been collaborating on for the past few years, and that means... well, several things:

The Good News: Hopefully, before long, I'll get to show you the finished project. I think you'll like it. :)

The Bad News: In a few short months, my income will drop by several hundred dollars per month. Considering how low it was already, this is A Big Deal.

The Ambiguous News: Without that work, I'll have more free(?) time.

Despite the stress caused by conflicting commitments, this has been one of the best projects (and by far the nicest collaborator) an artist could ask for. Both the work and the client are irreplaceable. But the fact is that even if I could find equivalent work on short notice, that would only compound the "overwhelming burnout" problem.

I'd really like to focus on the positive potential here. This could turn into a big step forward for the comic.

Just imagine: What if the hours freed up by that project could ALL be devoted to True Magic?

If we can add just a little to what's already going right -- if we can move from the halfway mark to the full-time funding goal -- this could soon be a reality.

I want to shower you with comic pages. Will you help me?

OUR GOAL: Reach the $400 Patreon Milestone by Christmas

( that I can clear up the last of my art obligations, stop desperately chasing work, and focus my efforts exclusively on making awesome free comics for everyone.)

Ever since I posted the first page in 2008, I have been determined to make True Magic my full-time job. I've put years into developing this story, and I'm eager to share the rest of it with you. Reaching this Patreon milestone will make that possible.

While this may be a predicament for me, it's a great opportunity for you -- to give yourself (and your hundreds of fellow readers) the gift of more, faster, higher-quality comic updates.

How You Can Make It Happen:
  • Pledge as little as $1 on Patreon.
  • Tell even one nice person about True Magic.

That's it!

For the price of a candy bar (or maybe a nice cup of coffee, if you're feeling generous), YOU can be our hero too. Every pledge helps!

(And remember, you only pay your pledge after I deliver a new page -- and even then, only if it's within your chosen monthly limit. You're always in control of how much you give, and you're free to adjust at any time.)

To everyone who supports True Magic in any way: Thank you again! Every dollar, every fun comment, and every word of encouragement makes a world of difference to us. We're always thankful for everything you guys do. ♥

And even if we never hear from you, if you're reading and enjoying the comic, we're glad you're here. :)

Here's to making each month better than the last!


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