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282 - Grove Peril

Posted 2015-08-25
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Comic Update!

On today's page... d'you ever get that feeling like you're being watched?

Spark of the Day:

Flaky Pastry: Fun - Danger - Romance - Frosting
Flaky Pastry

The button says it all. Almost. (I guess there wasn't room to mention "awesome characters" and "totally sweet artwork.")

Posted by Aja at 11:58 AM


Festivity Ahoy

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Happy Fourth of July to the American folks who celebrate it! And a happy upcoming Saturday and Sunday to everyone else!

Here's wishing all of you a safe and fun-filled weekend. ♥

Posted by Aja at 4:24 PM


Happy Birthday to :D!

Indeed, our very own Mysterious Co-Author/Editor just leveled up! She might not say much online, but her benign influence can be observed on almost every page, through smoother dialogue and fewer unintentionally hilarious art mistakes. If you're enjoying the story, consider giving her a virtual high-five today. ♥

Cheers to :D, and here's to many more years of happy comic co-authoring!

Posted by Aja at 8:38 PM


My Favorite Game Music Composer

Have you guys heard of Kirill Pokrovsky? I've recommended this fellow's work before, and wanted do so again in memory of this fine composer. He wrote some amazing soundtracks in his lifetime, and even released the music for free.

I remember playing Divine Divinity, and the moment when The Four Seasons Singing track kicked in. It kinda blew my hair back! Like, "Suddenly I'm having an epic experience... and I'm just meandering around a FARM."

"Atmospheric," "exotic" and "magical" are all good words to describe his music. If you'd like to include more of those feelings in your day, I invite you to check out:

The Divine Divinity Soundtrack

The Divinity: Original Sin Soundtrack

I'd love to see this guy's work get more of the recognition and appreciation it deserves. ♥

Posted by Aja at 2:48 PM

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