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268 - It's Marty Time

Posted 2015-05-19
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Music To Write To

Hey, I found a handy thing that you guys might also like! It's an 8-hour(!) music mix for writing and studying. I usually listen to podcasts and audiobooks while I work, since work is mostly drawing -- but sometimes there's writing to be done, and then it's time for music.

A lot of instrumental music either lulls me to sleep (not quite motivating enough) or makes me want to backflip off my chair and start doing push-ups (a little TOO motivating -- can't write while doing push-ups). However, I found this mix to be a pretty great balance of both pleasant and energizing, which is super-nice.

(As the description says: "Soft synths, pleasing melodies, no vocals to distract you, and a driving beat to keep you focused.")

Check it out, and feel free to share a recommendation if you've got something similar that helps you focus!

Spark of the Day:

Shazzbaa's Journal Comic
Today Nothing Happened

Contrary to the title, quite a lot of fun things happen in this webcomic. And no matter how cute, clever or crazy the events may seem, remember: it's a journal comic! There's truth in every page.

Posted by Aja at 4:26 PM


Almost there! Can we make it?

Hey, guys! I haven't posted any news for a while, so here's an update:

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who is supporting True Magic -- by land or by sea, by direct patronage or simply by reading and recommending. You rock, and you know it!

As I mentioned earlier, the regular contract work that I've enjoyed for the past few years has just ended. What does that mean? Well, thanks to the wonderful supporters on Patreon, the comic itself is still paying 3/4 of my bills (as long as I make enough pages per month). Hooray!

"But wait," you say. "What about that last 1/4?"

What, indeed! The thing is, even though a big source of income just disappeared, I'm still working constantly. The comic is taking 80+ hours per month to produce (I wish I could do even more!) -- and I'm spending every other spare moment on a huge backlog of commission work. I can't take on ANY additional work now, as I need to finish what I owe to my dear clients before I can accept any new projects. And yet, those monthly bills really can't wait.

Long story short: I'm already doing everything I can to generate income, and right now 100% of my time and effort is yielding 75% of what I need to cover food and rent. That's why I'm asking for your help to make it the last little bit of the way.

You guys have helped us make such amazing progress -- and we're so close to the goal! If even a modest number of new patrons join the TM cause, we will be there. True Magic will officially become my full-time work, and I'll be able to bestow ever-more-bounteous comic pages (and other comic-related perks) upon you.

Will you help me? Either by adding a pledge, or by taking a minute to mention the comic to someone who might enjoy it?

At this point, True Magic still has a relatively small audience, which means that ANY positive increase -- in readership or in patronage -- will make a big difference. YOU can make a big difference! You're not just one of many -- you're one of a small-but-mighty group of awesome readers, and anything you do to help will matter.

If you like True Magic enough to visit and read the new page each week, will you consider sponsoring the comic on Patreon? For as little as $1 (about the price of a candy bar), you can directly help to keep both the comic and the artist thriving.

Thanks again to all of you who support True Magic in any way! We love you guys. ♥

Posted by Aja at 11:44 PM

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