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Happy April!

This year's April Fanservice Day sketch features the Bandit Boss! Long-time reader Illinia also drew a lovely elven fellow for the occasion.

Also, last but not least of the featured new Spider Forest comics is Black Mudpuppy. Enjoy!

Spark of the Day:

The Adventures of Shan Shan
The Adventures of Shan Shan

Shan Shan can see and hear things that shouldn't exist -- and when one of those things attacks him at school, he's offered a chance to become a Guardian. Can he handle the ordeals of becoming a hero, saving the world, and being a teenager?


Northwind Returns!

Northwind, one of my favorite webcomics, just started updating again!

If you enjoy True Magic, I'm pretty sure you'll like Northwind as much as I do. It's a fun urban fantasy adventure with an intriguing story, charming characters, some delightfully silly moments, and... did I mention that it features handsome angels with fabulous hair?

Go check it out, my friends! ♥

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