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J16 – KitFang and Schuldig

For KitFang! Who wanted to see her Fiesta character and her in-game hubby, Schuldig, killing something together in true romantic fashion:

Ah, a romantic stroll through the fields... while racking up the XP. Bliss.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the monster in question is a “kebing.” Harassing kebings is an endless source of joy. ENDLESS.

“Kebing” is also really fun to say.


kebing kebing kebing

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12 Responses to “J16 – KitFang and Schuldig”

  1. Xiao Caity Says:

    Ahhh, true love…


  2. Fenris Says:

    That is so adorable. XD

    (kebing kebing kebing…. keBING! Sounds like a sound-effect.)

  3. Iroke/b4k4-chan Says:

    That’s a very pretty dress! =D

    Kebing is indeed fun to say XD

  4. Zela Says:

    True love forever!! :D <3

  5., DarkMousy Says:

    That right there–that’s love.

  6. Riverfox237 Says:

    The only way to have a romantic evening in an RPG!

    I feel kind of sorry for the kebing. But at least it will die for a good cause, right?

  7. Liliy Says:

    Kebing….drat. Now i’m doing it. And I’ve never played this game. XD

    But they are truly adorable as they stroll~

  8. KitFang Says:

    *W* Wonderful!!! We both look fantastic–though I’m especially enthralled by the slender, shapely elegance Kit is sporting here! And you went ahead and did Schu’s staff! It looks lovely!

    It may have been unintentional…but I love the implied playfulness in this. Kit has wonderful aim (thank you, naturally high DEX lol), so the chances that she’d miss her target–even distracted by her lover’s caress–are slim. They are totally terrorizing that poor kebing just for fun. XD

    And the kebing is my favorite monster!!! And my favorite mini-pet! How did you know?! :D Kebing!!! <3

    (Apologies for the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post…but each one contains a small portion of my glee, and therefore must be expressed! I would definitely like the higher rez version of this picture, please!)

    <3 <3 Thank you!! <3 <3

  9. Yami Kaosu Says:

    I reserve the right to squeal over this just as much as Kit, considering that Schu is my character. *w*

    We went off to romantically slaughter things tonight, but could not find the Dream Kebing. So Marlone had to suffice. (We did kill a Speedy Kebing, though! Because I hate those things. D:<) XD Kebings are adorable, though. :3

    Schuldig, unfortunately, does not share Kit’s naturally high DEX and could miss while so distracted. However, I don’t think he minds. <3

    So yes. I thank you as well, this is so cute~

  10. Aja Says:

    You’re most welcome! This was a lot of fun. ^^

    And oh, yes — Kebing Speeders are pure evil. Those things ambush-killed my poor fighter so many times when he was a newbie…

    @KitFang: Lucky guess! The kebing is also my favorite monster to bother. I have one on my shoulder, too (but I love my shoulder-honeying equally). :3

    @Riverfox: A good cause indeed! They’ll level up and laugh at its dramatic defeat animation. :D Then it can respawn in ten minutes and terrorize some lower-level adventurers to make itself feel better. It all works out in the end.

    (Ahaha, I miss playing Fiesta now. Must… get ahead… on work… Then… can bother kebings… to heart’s content…) <3

  11. Riverfox237 Says:

    @Aja: Oh, Aja, you always know the right things to say. Now I don’t have to feel bad for the silly kebing, knowing that it will respawn and have the opportunity to do some comforting terrorizing. And dramatic defeat animations are ALWAYS a recipe for a good time!

  12. Sen Says:

    Kebing’s expression is like icing on the cake.

    The ADORABLE cake.