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Chibi Henshin no Jutsu!

The Northwind creator was kind enough to give me a place on the comic’s “About” page. This is the self-portrait I made for it. :D

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8 Responses to “Chibi Henshin no Jutsu!”

  1. Falingard Says:

    Looks just like you!

    ….I imagine.

  2. Dale Says:

    Awesome :-)

  3. DarkMousy Says:

    I used to have long hair like that…

  4. KitFang Says:

    I totally read the RSS feed title as “Chibi Henson no Jutsu!” and then I was rather perplexed by why this Henson looked nothing like Henson and rather more like Aja’s comic-style self-portraits. :facepalm:

    I love the joyous exuberance here! (And that hair…how can something with so few lines look so deliciously full of life?)

    DarkMousy–I used to have hair like that too! (Until I donated it. Now I only have hair that long every few years before I cut it to donate again. I still miss the length most of the time, but it is fun to have it be shoulder-blade length after the cut–feels so short! (Yes, I am aware that shoulder-blade length is usually the definition of *long* hair. Shush. ^_~))

  5. Riverfox237 Says:

    ….SO ADORABLE! And congrats on getting onto Northwind’s about page! I still need to finish reading that. :P I keep getting distracted by life and such.

  6. Aja Says:

    Thanks, guys. XD

    @Falingard: Pretty close! Although, admittedly, my paintbrush isn’t quite that impressive.

    @KitFang: Heh — that’s how I keep reading the title every time I look at it. (And wow, your hair must grow fast if you can donate it every few years. Neat!)

  7. Zela Says:

    Cuuuuute!!! : D
    Also sparkly.
    I wish I had hair that long! XD

  8. KitFang Says:

    (I don’t know about “fast”… I think I’ve found that 2 years time doesn’t quite produce enough length for my tastes. So I’m going to be trying more like 2.5-3 years, I guess. I think my hair actually grows slightly slower than is the purported average speed. If generalizations can be believed. XD)