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J16 – Why is it green?

Whee, J16 strikes again! The first sketch is for DarkMousy, who wanted to see the intrepid Adelbart de Poncerton interact with Gauth in some way:

I figure this took place shortly before Page 100. :D

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12 Responses to “J16 – Why is it green?”

  1. XiaoCaity Says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA! The expressions make this picture absolutely perfect! *cackles* I can see this happening entirely too easily. XD

  2. Purplefire Says:

    You must teach me how you do these in only a day. Tis fantastic and the expressions are priceless!!

  3. DarkMousy Says:

    YAY!! It’s perfect!

    I’d probably want to touch his hair too…but mainly because it looks fluffy and soft :3

  4. Falingard Says:

    Fascinating! It looks like its colour is due to a species of blue-green algae living on the surface of the hair!

  5. Riverfox237 Says:

    XDXDXD I love it! The rollover caption is the best part, as always. (Not to say that the art isn’t simply beautiful, but the rollover always adds that little extra humor that makes me crack up.) Bahaha, Gauth looks so confused. Great job, Aja!

    “Or perhaps it is the result of some old Hallow’s Eve hair dye that has not yet washed out!”

  6. KitFang Says:

    Haha! Oh, dear…you know, I really enjoy Adelbart. He’s always so much fun–and so distinctive, to boot! I remember when he first showed up in the comic, I spotted him instantly and was all “Is that?? …IT IS! 8D”
    I have no difficulty believing that this is exactly what he would do in this situation. None.

    Also, the Dryad comment cracked me up. (Considering that alternate color palette possibility I was considering for “The Twins” in my contest entry so long ago… XD)

  7. Aja Says:

    Glad you like it, DarkMousy. :D

    Aha, algae — that’s the word I was looking for!

    @Riverfox: Oh hey, you remembered the “classic” explanation. XD Awesome.

    @KitFang: Yes, you’ve got to love Adelbart. (And that contest entry. So good.)

  8. Zela Says:

    Hehhhhhhh XD
    Hold on… he has a monocle and a magnifying glass… That must be really strange to look through!
    Wanna touch the hair…

  9. DarkMousy Says:

    I personally imagine that holding the magnifying glass up to his non-monacled eye gives the effect of very strong prescription glasses :P

  10. Beth Says:

    Hee! (And you call this a sketch? *boggle*)

  11. riverfox237 Says:

    @Aja: :Dd

  12. Fenris Says:

    @Kitfang I’m glad you enjoy him! My siblings and I had an absurd amount of fun coming up with his “field guide.” We had more ideas/jokes that wound up scrapped due to limitations on time/artistic ability. (Though if there’s ever another contest, I still remember a fair amount…)

    Poor, poor mystery man.