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J16 – Hello Kiku

For Iroke! Who wanted to see Gauth cuddling a Kiku plushie:

Also for Purplefire, who liked the idea of a Hello-Kitty-style Kiku. XD

…Now I kind of want one, too.

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11 Responses to “J16 – Hello Kiku”

  1. Iroke Says:

    I want one too! :o And I also want to know what Kiku’s thinking XD

    …And, for that matter, what is GAUTH thinking?! (I’m guessing something along the lines off “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever? Yes you are~ Yes you aaaare~ And you’d never yell at me or try to claw me, would you? No you wouldn’t~”)

  2. Liliy Says:

    Kiku looks like a little hedgehog. XD *tempted to steal if from Gauth*

    And Kiku’s eyes are fantastic. ‘just saying.

  3. Riverfox237 Says:

    While I am still disturbed by the whole Kiku/Gauth thing, that Hello Kiku doll is indeed adorable. I imagine Kiku will be shredding it with his claws at first opportunity. XD

  4. XiaoCaity Says:

    *cackling* Oh gosh, the expressions are just perfect! Gauth looks almost disturbingly cheerful, and Kiku’s eyes are quite clearly saying “What the HELL?” Expressions with just eyes are really really REALLY smegging hard and you’ve absolutely aced it.

    If you ever start selling plushies and stuff, a Hello Kiku would be awesome.

  5. cmccrzy Says:

    Seconds the Hello Kiku. SO CUUUUUUUTE!!!! And I wuv his widdle bow! Dawwww

  6. Purplefire Says:

    WAH!!!! It’s so CUTE!!!!! I want a Hello Kiku too!!!!

  7. tulsileaf Says:

    I’m with Kiku here. Some things must not be.


  8. Iroke Says:

    @Riverfox237: but their love is so PURE and SWEET and ROMANTIC and all those things girls dream about when they fantasise about their prince and stuff! Gauth even has a white horse and Kiku a pretty pink dress, and–

    …okay, I’m not really helping my ‘ship, am I? >.>

  9. Zela Says:

    Kiku…….. pink… dress………. (does not compute)

  10. Iroke Says:

    Well, hey, Hello Kitty has everyting pink… So I’m sure Hello Kiku has a lovely pink dress with ripped sleeves, right? 8D

  11. Sen Says:

    Yeah, plushie Kiku kind of reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog…still adorable. <3