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You can purchase Sparks for $100 each, with this handy button:

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your ad images must be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) format, with the dimensions of exactly 100x100 pixels (for the button) and 468x60 pixels (for the banner). If you need assistance, I'll be happy to help you create your images.
  • Since your ad can show up on any and every page of this site, it must be something that I consider appropriate. Of course no offensive, illegal and/or pornographic images or links will be accepted.
  • Sparks purchases are non-refundable. If you have any questions about whether your website or images will be acceptable (in terms of legality, tastefulness, etc.), please contact me before purchasing.
  • If your images and link are approved, your ad will remain active for one year after your purchase. You will then have the opportunity to renew for another year at the then-current rate. Your Sparks forum access, on the other hand, is good for life (unless you take take some action to end it).
  • You can change your images and/or site link whenever you like (e.g. if your site moves to a new URL, or if you just want to advertise a different site), as long as your new images and link meet the standards for approval. If you change the content of your linked site to show offensive, illegal and/or pornographic material after I've already approved your ad, then your ad will be removed until you provide a new (acceptable) link.
  • The contents of the Sparks forum are meant for you and other Sparks members only. Please do not post or publish images, text, links, or other forum content outside of that forum. It's your exclusive club, so keep it special!
  • Funds must be fully received and cleared before your ad images appear and you receive access to the Sparks forum. Once the funds have cleared, you can expect to see your images and link appear on the Sparks page and in the top banner ad rotation within 48 hours. If you've created a forum account (and have told me that it's yours), you'll also be able to log in and view the Sparks forum at that point.
  • Enjoy your Sparks! (Yes, that's one of the rules.)

Once you've made your purchase, be sure to contact me to give me your ad images and site link, and/or tell me which user name you'd like to use on the Sparks forum. :)

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