"Ha ha!" Higgins exclaimed out of no where, leaping up from his seat. His borrowed clothes swished around his legs as he swayed back and forth in triumph. "I knew I could figure it out!"

"Oh?" The Green Haired man hummed, leaning over the sorcerer's shoulder. Brilliant green flames burst forth from Higgin's hands, casting their dim lodging for the night in a glow of lime. "You knew you could figure out what?"

"How to change the color, of course," Higgins smiled happily, twisting his fingers in the flames. They fluttered and moved at his will, and the heat was a warm comfort. He nodded at his new companion. "Green isn't easy to achieve, you know. Normally the flames want to go blue when you get them this hot."

"But why green?" The mystery man asked, dipping a finger into the tip. He pulled it back when it sizzled against his glove. "What's so special about the color?"

Higgins scoffed, "To match your hair, naturally! If we're going to be working together, we should at least be coordinated!"

The mystery man chuckled and shook his head. He bit the side of his palm and tried not to laugh. "Naturally."

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