And Now, the Lovely Winners!


"Sweet Schematic" Award

Not only does the main picture have great composition, a funny concept, and a pro-fessional art style -- it also comes with an awesome speed-planter diagram! All in all, well worth an honorable mention.

"Bardic Ballad" Award

In a few elegant verses, the author accurately and dramatically captures the essence of the prologue. (Also, the fourth line totally cracked me up.) A mention most honorable, indeed.

"Huggable Heroine" Award

Check out the nice clean stitching on those borders! It's not just a cute mini-rendition of Jen's costume; it's also very neatly done. With styled hair and a Homevillesque backdrop, this well deserves an honorable mention.

Third Place

Hayazaki Iroke

Not only is this the first-ever real-life True Magic cosplay (which is an awesome distinction in and of itself), it also looks über cool! Cape, cravat, tunic, and even ribbon are all expertly employed.

The completely characteristic poses really bring this Gauth costume to life. (Nudge, nudge.)

Second Place

Fenris and Company
"Cultural Awareness" Award

Fenris, DarkMousy, Lilyvale and Jevvy made this an awesome collaboration. It's well-written, well-drawn, full of amusing story references and in-jokes for old readers (even I would be hard-pressed to count them all)... and it features my favorite chicken!

I can totally believe that there is, somewhere in Hometropolis, a noble named Aldelbart de Poncerton who would create pamphlets just like this.

First Place

"Just Plain Awesome" Award

Everything about this is exceptionally well done. The art is lovely, the character dialogue is clever and spot-on, the various references are well placed... and it made me giggle like a schoolgirl for a good solid minute.

The attention to detail is just amazing, right down to the accurate fonts (including the "ancient runes" from the old comic) and color palette. Truly impressive.

A great concept + great effort + great results = grand prize!

The Prizes!

The first-place winner can pick any two of these, while the second- and third-place winners can choose one each from the remaining prizes:

  • A free sketch *
  • A free color speed-paint *
  • A $10 Amazon gift certificate
  • A Spark
  • A cameo in the comic (for yourself or one of your characters) *
  • A place as the default Project Wonderful tower ad for a month (as long as the site's okay)

* The art prizes (cameo, sketch and speed-paint) can be chosen multiple times, so you can still take one for your prize even if the previous winner also chose it.

Additionally, each runner-up wins a free sketch!

Congratulations to the runners-up and winners, and thank you to EVERYONE who entered! <3

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