Just how confident are you? Let's find out!

1. Which of the following items do you usually carry?

I dunno. Maybe some lint.

A pocket mirror and/or comb.

Styling gel and/or a lint brush.

A roll of Mentos: the Freshmakerę.

All of the above, plus a second pocket mirror (so that I can look at the back of my head).

2. Do you consider yourself to be popular?

Nope; I'm about as popular as an bagpiper at a heavy metal concert.

I have a couple friends, but I'm not that well known.

Sure, I'm well liked by just about everyone.

Indeed. One might even go so far as to say that I'm famous. People want to be seen with me.

Yes. So much so, in fact, that I'm always having to hand out autographs. I even autograph inanimate objects. Why does the principal make such a big fuss about my signature on his desk? Doesn't he realize how much it will be worth one day?

3. Do you enjoy the sight of yourself naked?

Are you kidding? Dude, I bathe with a bag over my head.

Not particularly.

I don't mind it.

Sure, I look pretty good.

Yes. In fact, I'm nude at this very moment. Why wear clothes when they would only obscure my sexiness?

4. Under what circumstances do you have your picture taken?

Never, if I can avoid it.

Only when it's for the school or office photo album, or for a driver's license.

Once in a while, if it's convenient and I think I'm looking nice.

Whenever anybody offers (or even looks like they might be willing) to take a photo.

Whenever I can get hold of a camera.

Upon seeing your reflection a mirror, what is the first thought that passes through your mind?






6. Once in front of the mirror, what do you do?

Run away before I accidentally meet my own gaze.

Look just long enough to make sure there's nothing weird on my face.

Take a moment to fix my hair and practice my captivating smile.

Strike a pose and/or do a couple dance moves.

Do both of the above, then kiss the mirror.

7. How much time do you spend grooming and dressing each morning?


Less than 5 minutes.

5-30 minutes.

30 minutes to an hour.

An hour or more.

8. Under what circumstances do you "dress up" (style hair, put on nice clothing, stand up straight, etc.)?

Bah, never. Besides, the faded-clothing-and-ratty-hair look is coming back in style... right?

Only when I'm going to a formal occasion, like a party or a funeral.

Every time I go outside. When people see me, I've got to look good.

Whenever there's a mirror around.

I sleep in a tux, baby.


9. Upon seeing your reflection in a full-length mirror, you fall instantly into a trance of pure, unadulterad wonderment.



10. A heated rivalry has developed between your romantic partner and the aforementioned full-length mirror.



Original quiz by Asrael

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