Ask the Oracle
You have climbed the mountain and found an ancient oracle... However, this particular seer is very eccentric, and will only answer yes-or-no questions. Choose your words carefully.

Narcissism Quiz (Created by Asrael)
Are you a true narcissist? A die-hard self-admirer? A good old-fashioned sexy beast? If you answered "yes" to some or all of the above, then you probably are. But you'd better take this test anyway, just to be sure.

Random Character Generator
This brainstorming tool will generate a dozen random character attributes for you. Feel free to use the people you create in your own art and writing, or just visualize them for a laugh.

Random Outdoor Setting Generator
This one will generate six random wilderness features for you.

Sephiroth Dress-Up Doll
As the title suggests: strip Sephy down to his undies, then dress up him in a different outfit. The original Flash file for this game was corrupted, so it can no longer be updated, but fear not! An all-new and improved version is on its way.

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