Commissions Are Temporarily Closed

Welcome, and thanks for visiting the commission section!

My schedule is currently full. I'm not taking on any new projects right now*, but I may re-open commissions in the future. Meanwhile, you're welcome to browse the portfolio and FAQ (below) to see what kinds of art I make.

Thank you again for your interest!

* I may be able to make exceptions for established clients, if the project is very small. If you've worked with me before, feel free to ask!

Commission FAQs

What kind of art do I make?

I can draw your original characters, custom fan art of existing characters (from books, games, movies, etc.), and of course anything to do with the True Magic comic.

Fantasy art is my specialty, but if you'd like to see something different in my style, feel free to ask! As long as the subject is in good taste, chances are I'll be happy to draw it for you.

All art is drawn and delivered digitally at a high resolution (300 DPI) so that you have the option to print it.

You can find lots of example art in the Portfolio and Art Blog.

How much does it cost?

These are the base prices for a normal 8.5x11" illustration with one character and a minimal background:

A BUST portrait (head and shoulders) is a good option if you want to focus on the personality, expression and fine details of your character's face. This is a great way to show off intricate jewelry, scars, tattoos, unique eyes and hairstyle.
     Maximum number of characters: 2

A HALF BODY portrait (from head to hips) is a nice middle ground between the bust and full body views. It still allows for a good level of facial detail while also showing off a fair amount of your character's figure and costume. There's also room to show some background scenery.
     Maximum number of characters: 3

A FULL BODY illustration (self-explanatory) is best when you want to focus on your character's overall appearance, or when you want to create a complete scene around them. This is the ideal view for characters in action, dynamically engaged with each other or with their environment. There's plenty of room to show off full costumes and any other unique attributes (e.g. wings, large weapons, or flashy special effects).
     Maximum number of characters: 4

If you have special considerations that aren't covered here, we can discuss them and I'll adjust the fee accordingly.

All payments are processed through PayPal. When I accept your commission, I'll send you an invoice. You can choose to pay the full amount up front, or just half as a down payment — in which case the rest of the fee is due when you approve the preliminary sketch. From there, I'll finish the image and deliver it to you ASAP.

Want to collaborate?

Are you confident in your own artistic skills, but short on time? If you have your own lineart or a clean sketch, I'll be happy to ink and/or color it for you at a discount off the full commission price.

Want to conspire?

If you'd like to give your favorite writer or artist the gift of fan art, without having to draw it yourself, I'll be glad to help! I can even e-mail the artwork to the recipient for you if you'd like to remain anonymous.

How may you use the artwork?

You're welcome to display your commission on your personal site or blog, as long as you provide credit and a link back to While all characters belong to their original creators, as the artist I retain full distribution rights to the images I create. Please ask and obtain my written consent if you want to publish or distribute your commission under different terms.

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