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Sprite and Pixie

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

For my budgies! Who look hilarious and adorable when they groom each other. ♥

For some reason I’ve had this chibi image stuck in my head all week, so I finally sketched it:

(Pixie is the white, blue and lavender one. Sprite is the yellow, green and fizzy one.)

J16 – The Birds

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

For Zela! Who wanted to see more of our birds:

Someone's been hittin' the seed trough pretty hard.

Pinky actually moved out earlier this month. We have a second budgie, instead, to keep Alf company. We’re still trying to think of a name for the newbie.

Note: Alf has been trained to eat healthy pellets instead of tasty seeds. But newbudgie still needs his diet converted, so seeds are back in the cage for a while… and someone has been taking full advantage of the feasting opportunity. (He assures us that the weight he’s gaining is all muscle.)

J16 – The Culprits

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

This one is for… me! Since I ran short of requests by one. And for my roomie, who suggested drawing us at work:

The Culprits

Color by Fenris!
The Culprits (color)

So there you have it: Aja (author/artist), D. Smiley (co-author), Pinky (moluccan cockatoo), and Alf (budgerigar) — the four people you have to thank blame associate with all of this.

Thanks for providing the great requests, guys! I had sixteen different kinds of fun with this challenge. :D

Check back tomorrow for more and different sketches. ♥