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Monday, September 17th, 2012

For Saint Cy! This is his psychic superheroine, Faith:

As always, I love Cy’s costume design. ♥ I wonder where you could find a skirt like that.

Chibi Henshin no Jutsu!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

The Northwind creator was kind enough to give me a place on the comic’s “About” page. This is the self-portrait I made for it. :D

Rudolph Valentino

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Rudolph Valentino

Reference Photo!
Rudolph Valentino (reference)

Of the three portraits I’ve attempted so far, this is the one I like most. ♥

Bizarrely, all that fancy brocade didn’t give me nearly as much trouble as the man-lipstick. I re-drew it about five times, and in the end all that effort just meant that it was darker and more obvious than anything else in the picture. Alas!