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PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:33 pm    Post subject: Necro-sand Reply with quote

Will go with the "Sand Beetles control necro-sand through magical conduction via touch" hypothesis for the time being.
(Haven't re-read most of the relevant parts yet OR re-evaluated the logic (...still sleep-deprived...), but it feels sound enough at the moment, so why not.)

So, assuming the above is on the right track:
Wonder if the necro-sand being desiccated increases or decreases magical conductivity. (I guess it could have no effect on it; but in that case, why go to the trouble of ensuring it's "highly desiccated"?
I mean, it could be for other reasons (...don't want it getting moldy... or maybe that's just a way to make it crumble into convenient, re-shapeable sand...), but my guess is that it does have an effect.)

If we go with the "electricity" analogy, I'd think that a higher water content should increase conductivity. I.e. a recently-killed body should conduct magic more readily than necro-sand. (I mean through the skin. Not currently talking about a crystal needle, that's a whole other kettle of worms.)

Then there's circumstantial evidence:
Henson can grab a nightstick with his armband and not get zapped;
therefore, the armband is a worse magical conductor than skin.
And I assume the armband is made of dead, dry-ish organic material (probably leather, or maybe plant-based cloth)...
...but then, rubber is a famously poor conductor, and it can be plant-based. In the same way, different organic materials may have different magical conductivity. Doesn't prove anything. OK, scratch that.

Also, when the Corporal touches that corpse in the forensics lab, he feels the presence of the needle, progressively stronger as he touches closer to where it's embedded. That must also be about magical conductivity.
Though it doesn't really tell us about the conductivity of desiccated vs fresh dead matter.
OK, don't have anything solid re: the effect of desiccation on conductivity.

In any case, I wonder:
is the nervous system highly magically conductive? Is that (at least part of) why the needle goes in the brainstem area? It could be a convenient network to circulate magic through the whole body with comparatively little energy loss.
It does seem more conductive than either skin or necro-sand.

OK Dart, go to sleep, you can barely form coherent sentences anymore.
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