Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape

The Mary Sue of Dark Meridian

Elara Semi-Realism

And it’s the heroine! She wields strange magic! She fights as well as any man! She is ever ready with a witty retort! And of course both male leads are hopelessly in–

Oh snap, there goes my Clich√©-O-Meter. I wish these things didn’t explode so violently; it always takes days to get the pieces out of the carpet.

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3 Responses to “The Mary Sue of Dark Meridian”

  1. LucienofShadow Says:

    If you didn’t want it to explode you wouldn’t keep up with the cliche’s

  2. Aja Says:

    Yes, it is true…

    …And that was only a summary of what I wrote nine years ago. You should see how it reacts when I read my new material in front of it. :D

  3. Lucien Says:

    You have a box of the things which you ordered en mass in order to get a bulk discount. They can’t possibly last long.