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Tales of Elsewhen

Part of a collaborative project that I worked on for a few months! It’s David Hunter’s comic; he created the story and characters, and did all the plotting and scripting. I drew the art to go with it:

Chapter 1

Alas, since the project was cancelled, that’s all there’s going to be. It was a real treat to work on it, though, and I’m glad for the experience. ♥

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9 Responses to “Tales of Elsewhen”

  1. Falingard Says:

    Very intriguing! Too bad it has to end there :o

    I mean! A FEMALE PROTAGONIST! How often do you see that? :D

  2. tulsileaf Says:

    I would have liked to read more. :(

  3. Zela Says:

    Aaaah! Cute raccoon! XD

  4. Aja Says:

    @Falingard: Indeed. It takes a pretty cool dude to write a female protagonist!

    @Tulsi: Me too! From what little I’d heard about the rest of the story, it could’ve been a great one.

    @Zela: Yes. Cute and a Silent Snarker. XD

    …Also! Félix! WordPress says you posted the 1,000th comment on this blog. :o

    *throws confetti*

  5. Dale Says:

    Real shame that it was cancelled, feels like it would be an awesome story to read through. I love some of the expressions, especially in the last two pages.

  6. Falingard Says:

    IT’S OVER ONE THOUSA…. or actually… equal to one thousand. Neat! Do I get a prize? :B

  7. Aja Says:

    @Dale: Thanks! The writer included some entertaining descriptions of our heroine’s thought processes in the script, which weren’t part of the narration on the page. It was pretty fun to translate them into facial expressions.

    @Falingard: A prize, you say! Hmm… care for the first J16 spot in January? ;)

  8. Drake Says:

    Aja was a joy to work with and nothing but a consummate professional. Unfortunately, some health issues on my part that had been lurking in the background chose an inopportune time to rush forward and cause both creative and financial hardship. God willing, I will see the script done some day, but it’s not going to be anywhere as soon as I originally hoped.

  9. Aja Says:

    Thank you, Drake. I certainly enjoyed working with you (and your story) as well.

    I hope you’ll continue with your creative endeavors. You have a lot of great ideas!