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Severian and Tareth

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

A prize sketch for Thought-Ripples! She requested Severian and Tareth, from the Runewriters comic:

It's pretty hard to turn pages with tentacles.

Don’t let the tail and tentacles fool you — Severian is a sweet guy. :D He’s just having some… issues… with shape-changing magic.

As a fun bit of trivia: The Runewriters author (Shazzbaa) is indirectly responsible for True Magic’s continuing existence. Back when I was struggling with the story in the old version of TM, I stumbled across one of her posts recommending the book with the most profoundly useful writing advice I’ve ever seen. It gave me enough insight to reboot the comic into its current (better) form instead of giving up on it.

Thank you, Shazzbaa!


Saturday, July 4th, 2015

A thank-you sketch for Zela! This is her dashing elf, Gullac:

Here comes the smolder.

A handsome elf, with great hair, who dances like MJ… Yep, I was pretty much beaming the whole time I was drawing this guy. :D

Yrmstrae and Delilah

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

For Félix! These are two hypothetical Flaky Pastry characters, Yrmstrae (consummate elf warrior) and Delilah (cyborg DJ):

But where's the Cowbell slider?

Check out the post on deviantArt for more details (and more links to Félix’s awesome character designs). ♥