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The Mary Sue of Dark Meridian

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Elara Semi-Realism

And it’s the heroine! She wields strange magic! She fights as well as any man! She is ever ready with a witty retort! And of course both male leads are hopelessly in–

Oh snap, there goes my Clich√©-O-Meter. I wish these things didn’t explode so violently; it always takes days to get the pieces out of the carpet.

Heya, babe…

Monday, January 14th, 2008

…You know what they say about guys with no feet?

Invisible Window Sill

This one is from my other, older story: Dark Meridian! (For your convenience and sanity, only the heavily MST’d version is available for viewing.) In its first incarnation, one third of the characters were of the type inclined to stare moodily out of windows, while another third were the sort who would walk up quietly behind them and inquire after their emotional well-being.

The last third was there to antagonize the first two so that they could spend some time hurling magic around instead of brooding.


* It’s a lie.