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24 Hour Comics Day 2009

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

So I completely forgot about the event this year, until someone mentioned it on the day before. That wasn’t enough time to prepare for another stand-alone comic, but I did see it as a great excuse to spend the day drawing other things. :D

I decided to go for 24 new sketches (or, in two cases, significant progress on an existing picture). It started a bit slow, and there was the obligatory hour or so of utter despair and self-loathing, but after that it was good times all day. ♥

Started at 8:00 AM on October 3rd, finished at 7:00 AM on October 4th! The results are:

24HCD 2009

That’s 12 pages of True Magic (not necessarily the next 12), 6 semi-secret project portraits, and 6 commissions/contest entries/various things people were expecting me to do. They’re all extremely rough and/or in need of revision (or possibly deletion — Self-Loathing Hour didn’t produce great results)… but they’re things that totally didn’t exist yesterday! I am going to have so much fun refining these over the next few days/weeks. :D

(Apologies for the smallness/blurriness. Must avoid spoilers, you know.)

24 Hour Comics Day 2008

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Man. Al~most. I drew almost 18 pages!

I took a nice nap partway through (and then another one immediately afterward), but for the time I was actually drawing, I averaged at least a page per hour. Considering that sketching a page per day was somewhat of an accomplishment for me before: WOO!

Edit: And it’s done! You can read it here!

I had all kinds of fun with that. I hope you guys enjoy it. :D

Edit: Thanks to Drew, now it has a title!

24 Hour Comics Day-Eve 2008

Friday, October 17th, 2008

So, I’m going to be trying this tomorrow!

The evening’s preparations include snack-finding, warm-up sketching, and of course playlist compiling.

This is pretty much how I prepare for all of my activities.

I have no idea how well I’ll do, but it’s sure to be fun! And I don’t know about the official rules, but I’ll be drawing from 5PM to 5PM instead of midnight to midnight. (Might as well start after a good night’s sleep, with the option to have another partway through.)

However it turns out, I imagine NaNoWriMo will seem positively leisurely by comparison. :D

Anyway, I’ll post the results here on the 19th. Wish me luck!

10/18 Edit: 5PM. It begins!