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Rick and Cole

For Jeffrey! These are two of his more formidable fighter characters:

Rick (on the left) is the upright, respectable leader of the group. Cole (on the right) is the boisterous, fierce warrior. :D (He’s also a little insecure about his height. Even though he has a beard and an axe, we should probably try not to call him a dwarf.)

P.S. Dang, I finished this picture and the next one last month, but kept forgetting to post them here. XD Sorry about that.

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6 Responses to “Rick and Cole”

  1. KitFang Says:

    lol… At a second glance here, my brain decided to see the metal rings on Cole’s gauntlets as tiny life-preservers…and now the mental image won’t go away! XD
    At least he’s always ready to rescue some lilliputians? (Or maybe tiny fairies? Ooo…)

    Nice pic!

  2. Zela Says:

    Yeah, I see the life-preservers too… o_O I’m sure if I saw them irl they wouldn’t look like that.

  3. Zela Says:

    I mean, they wouldn’t make me think of life-preservers. :P

  4. Riverfox237 Says:

    Hurray for wolf-man group leaders! He looks like a nice guy. Lol, I did wonder if that guy was a dwarf; that is such a great gag for their background if he is constantly pestered about his similiarities to dwarves. XD The high-heeled boots crack me up, because only a guy who is REALLY self-conscious about his height would try to wear something like that.

  5. Aja Says:

    Or a guy who loves ’70s fashion. :D (I love the boots Cy chose for Cole — they’re like platform shoes and bell-bottom pants all in one. I want ‘em.)

    …And aw, man. XD Now I’m going to see the life-preservers every time.

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