Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape

Prologue Epilogue

When artist’s block strikes, the forum comes to the rescue!

What do you know? He DOES make a good night light.

I wonder what sort of book the High Priest would be reading.

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12 Responses to “Prologue Epilogue”

  1. Saint Cy Says:

    I love it! You actually drew it! That is SOOO what happens next.

    My guess is he’s reading his favorite book: The Prince, by Machiavelli. Or, possibly, the Necronomicon.

  2. Purple Phoenix Says:

    Very random pictures are going through my head right now involving Lu and Tinker Bell…………….

  3. Liliy Says:


    I’m currently a fangirlish mess. Excuse the drool/squealing/and/or/other unhealthy/embarrassing behavior.

  4. Katwalker Says:

    X”D OH Iloveyou. This is being turned into my next background wallpaper.

    And as for the book…hmm…I Conquered the Nonbelievers and So Can You? Ye Olde Tome of Fire Magicks for Dunces? The Care and Feeding of Fireflies? 101 Ways to Burninate the Countryside? Coffeemaking For Fun and Profit? Perry Hotter and the Dungeon of Exposition? The Cleavage of Marie Ann Pushup?

    I’m more interested in how he sleeps in that ridiculously large hat.

  5. Aja Says:

    Ahahaa, those romance novel covers… XD *bookmarks*

    The Prince, the Necronomicon, and 101 Ways to Burninate the Countryside all sound good! (And that’s got me wondering which part of the Necronomicon would be the good bit.)

    He puts the hat over the jar before he goes to sleep. :D

  6. Lab Rat Says:

    hehe, I love the idea of the hat over the jar =D That would make it a proper nightlight.

    *Is all excited about upcoming colour and Kiku-ness*

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  8. Fern Says:

    I was rather wondering if all High Priests have an official pyjama as well. Hrm!

    As amusing as ever. Loved the previous comic, and am loving the remake!

  9. Aja Says:

    They might indeed!

    Thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. ^^

  10. Riverfox237 Says:

    I would so vote that he’s reading 101 Ways to Burninate the Countryside. After all, a good High Priest has to keep himself up to date on these things!

    And dude, his hat woul dmake the fanciest fabric lantern EVER. I’ll bet he never has to worry about being afraid of the dark again!
    I have to say, at the very lest, he should take off his gauntlets and neck decoration before bed. Those things could make sleep highly uncomfortable.

    *ambles off to the Forum to discover the secret origins of this picture* ^^

  11. Silvara Says:

    Pfew !
    Thank you thank you for this… precision. I can now sleep in peace. :)

  12. Silverwolf Says:

    I got it. Since he’s supposed to be the predecessor to the bad-guy nobles…he’s reading something by Stephanie Meyer.