Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape

Page 150 Panel Process

(AKA “How to Cheat at Webcomics”)

Just for fun, here are some progress shots from the last panel of Page 150, along with a few tips for being lazier more efficient about drawing:

(Larger version here.)

Step 1: Google SketchUp! Very fun to play around in. Best thing ever when you don’t want to figure out environment perspective and proportions from scratch in every panel.

Step 2: MyPaint! Free and open source. Inking is so much faster and easier here than in Photoshop, it isn’t even funny. Try the Ico_Precise_Pen_02 brush (in the Ink set) with a boosted radius. You can even zoom way out to ink a long line, and when you zoom back in, the line will be perfectly smooth. ♥ So good.

Step 3: Photoshop Actions = Win. Flat fills take about one minute per panel once you have a good select->expand->fill Action set up (assuming you’ve closed most of your lines).

Step 4: I haven’t figured out how to cheat at this part yet. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Page 150 Panel Process”

  1. Dale Says:

    Black Magic! Or at least I heard that’s the best way. Beyond that I seem to remember searching out a means of doing so through masking, though I’ve forgotten the process. I’m useless :-(

    So MyPaint smooths out the lines nicely? I admit that would be a boon, I typically use Manga Studio 4 (for lack of better tools) and it seems to have the same property.

  2. Kim Says:

    0.0 MUST. DOWNLOAD. GOOGLESKETCHUP… How have I not heard of this? Always impressed with your smooth style and excellent coloring! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Aja Says:

    @Dale: Dang… and here I’m all out of Eye of Newt. I do use some masking, though, which is handy indeed. A solid color fill layer set to Multiply is great for shadows, since you can just erase/hide parts of it wherever the light hits.

    Aha, so Manga Studio does the same thing with lines? I can see why it’s so popular.

    @Kim: YES. GO FORTH AND FROLIC WITH THE SKETCHUP. Once you get used to how the interface works, it’s super-fun. :D

    And thanks! I’ll keep doing my best!

  4. inusushi Says:

    I should reaaaaally do something with this. As you know, my backgrounds are horrible.

  5. Aja Says:

    Seriously? They usually seem more detailed (and existent) than mine. XD *pats gradient fill tool*

    SketchUp and/or MyPaint might make some things easier, though. Let me know if you give either a try!

  6. Elsaprairie Says:

    This is really making me want to go out and buy a tablet! …and wishing I had more time to play…

  7. Aja Says:

    Tablets are the best. <3 I hope you have a chance to get one (and more time to play with it)!