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J16 – Xander and Cat

For xandinavian! Who wanted to see her characters Xander and Cat in a True Magic situation. Of course I interpreted this to mean DIRE PERIL:

It doesn’t get much more dire than Alfred Hitchcock’s The Sparkle Rats.
Sadly, this isn’t nearly the strangest/silliest thing I’ve ever drawn.

Gotta love drawing Cat’s epic hair. ♥ So pretty!

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9 Responses to “J16 – Xander and Cat”

  1. xandinavian Says:

    OH Aja, you made my day! Is it really your birthday or ours? Thank you so much.

    PS: That’s probably precisely the kind of reactions the two characters would have. Only half of this team seems perturbed that they’re being bombarded by cookies from flying rats.

  2. XiaoCaity Says:

    *falls off her chair laughing hysterically*

    This picture is just perfect. I love the expressions!

  3. Aja Says:

    @xandinavian: Yay! You’re very welcome. :D

    @Xiao: Hee, I’m glad to hear it. It took some doing to get a decent combination of “annoyed” and “kinda freaked out” into one expression.

  4. Riverfox237 Says:

    …I KNEW IT! I KNEW you would draw some incarnation of ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s The Sparkle Rats’ after someone made that suggestion. I knew iiiiit. XD It was just too amazing an idea for you to pass up. We know you so well. ;D The addition of cookie bombardment is just win. As are the ribbons in Cat’s hair. Lovely.

    The LOOK on the one guy’s FACE…XDXDXD That is by far the most awesome facial expression I have seen in a long time. IT IS SO PERFECT. Referring to your reply to Xiao (“It took some doing to get a decent combination of “annoyed” and “kinda freaked out” into one expression.”), I would say you succeeded beautifully. 8Dd

    “Sadly, this isn’t nearly the strangest/silliest thing I’ve ever drawn.
    No, that would probably go to the picture of Max the Mime fighting a pirahna monkey, I think. (Best. Picture. Ever.)

  5. KitFang Says:

    No, sparkle rats! Don’t waste your cookies! (They certainly don’t seem to mind though. Perhaps when ill-gotten goods are easy to get, one does not hesitate to use them as ammo against one’s foes.)

    I must agree with the others–Xander’s expression is priceless.
    This picture is doing nothing at all to quell my growing desire to have a sparkle rat plush to snuggle and pet its shimmery chest fluff…why can’t I sew?!

  6. Aja Says:

    @Riverfox: It’s true. XD I can never resist a silly mental image. Glad it turned out well! (And you’re probably right about the mime-vs.-piranha-monkey sketch. Hard to think of a stranger one than that.)

    @KitFang: I’m with you there. ♥ It would be awesome to have plushie-making skills. (If only Ctrl+Z worked with sewing…)

  7. Fenris Says:

    Aja, I have to wonder… where did the sparkle rats idea originate? Also, does the True Magic world have normal rats, or are they all adorable sparkling and gliding rodents?

  8. Shadowstorm Says:

    All those cookies… The horror….the HORROR…

    With the prescence of sparkle rats, I half expected the job of “scurrying ground pest” to be taken by some sort of furry, flightless pigeon. But here, it looks like rodents in the True Magic world control both air and land:

    Now the question is: Does their dominance extend to the seas as well?

  9. Aja Says:


    I don’t remember how I got the idea, but it probably had something to do with people calling pigeons “flying rats.” I couldn’t resist the notion of a gliding rodent that sparkles and bobbles its head when it walks.

    Oho, Shadow, we think alike. The TM world does have bird-pests. ;)
    (Now if only I could find a good spot for them to show up…)