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J16 – Wiglaf and Herschell

For Liliy! Who wanted to see Wiglaf and Kitty!Herschell:

Ah, this was a fun sketch. Adorable hero + KITTY = happy artist. ♥

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10 Responses to “J16 – Wiglaf and Herschell”

  1. Zela Says:


  2. DarkMousy Says:

    D’awwwww, it’s so cute I just want to squeeze it :3

    And the kitty is not bad either :X

  3. XiaoCaity Says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, kitty~! Must pet kitty…

  4. Liliy Says:

    It…doesn’t get much cuter than that. XD

    Aw~ And Herschell looks like such a happy kitty. Yes he does. Yes he does. *devolves into baby talk*

    …Wiglaf’s hair is fluffy. *ruffles it*

  5. Liliy Says:


    *runs back a few feet*

    *run tackle*

    Thank you!!!! XD

  6. Aja Says:


    Most welcome! I don’t know if I’ll have time to enter the Pair-a-Thon (one of these years, dang it) — so I’m glad I’ve got another excuse to draw fan art. <3

    @DarkMousy: *snrk* XD

  7. Liliy Says:

    To be fair, your last entry is still pretty darn memorable. XD *waves scarf*

  8. riverfox237 Says:




    *collapses from the sheer off-the-charts adorableness levels*

  9. KitFang Says:

    :o I love Wiglaf’s expression here. It’s so tranquil…yet it has a touch of snarky smugness, I think. Probably over how very pleased Herschell is.

  10. Fenris Says:

    I like the contrast between Wiglaf’s skin and his hair ~ so pretty!