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J16 – The Alphonse

For Creepy Bob! Who wanted to see The Alphonse, one of the heroes from The Storytelling Game on the forum. As luck would have it, the most recent installment provided the perfect sketch material:

He’ll be fine, folks. He does this sort of thing all the time.


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10 Responses to “J16 – The Alphonse”

  1. tulsileaf Says:

    Ahhh, the lesser known but equally important Dragondancers of Pern.

    “The Alphonse has many hobbies.”

  2. XiaoCaity Says:

    “Ahhh, the lesser known but equally important Dragondancers of Pern.” Oh god. I quite literally just had a gigglefit of doom. XD

  3. Creepy Bob Says:

    Happy happy joy joy!

    His berserk state in the actual story notwhitstanding, you have captured his usual demeanor PERFECTLY. Aw, what the heck, I just HAVE to write this in as canon! :D

  4. Aja Says:

    Hooray! Glad you like it, Cousin Bob. :D

    (Oops… I suppose there’s no such a thing as “happy berserk,” is there.) XD

    @tulsileaf: *laughs* Now I wonder what an entire dragondance troupe performance would look like.

  5. Dale Says:

    …I love this. If only everyone were so happy with their job.

  6. Riverfox237 Says:

    …CURSES! If only I had found that storytelling game in time to get involved! But now it is enormously large and I don’t even know when I could catch up on reading it. >.< This looks amazing. That dragon head is super epic.

    @Tulsileaf: *cracks up laughing* That was clever.

  7. tulsileaf Says:


    Anyone who wants to join the fun but is afraid the story is too large to catch up with, fear not! Creepy Bob compiled each of the completed chapters (three so far) into easy to read prose. They are available on his DeviantArt site and links to each are in the first post of the thread. Then it’s just a matter of catching up with chapter four, a link to the start of which is in the first post as well.

  8. KitFang Says:

    That is one heck of a flying trapeze. Love it! (And the *very* angry look on the dragon’s face is wonderful. Can’t say I’d blame her one bit if I were in this situation. Come on, just a little closer to your mouth. You can do it!)

    I’ve been loving The Storytelling Game you guys have been writing, so it’s great to see more drawings for it! (Creepy Bob’s pics were so much fun too. I love the Midget Lord with his bunny-eared crown. XD )

    The Alphonse has such style and flair here…you really would think he was part of a dragondancer troupe. (I will join the rest of the group in thinking that that statement is awesome and that I would love to see a performance by said troupe. ♥ )

  9. Fenris Says:

    *Sniff* It’s just so… so beautiful! I imagine this music going along with it: (not so much the first 45 seconds, but directly thereafter.)

  10. Riverfox237 Says:

    @Tulsileaf: Really? :O …..*goes to find this thread*