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J16 – Purplefire vs. Kiku

For Purplefire! Who wanted to see her mage character (of the same name) having a goofy battle with Kiku:

WARNING: Never get within arm’s reach of Kiku if you have interesting hair.

Eehee, I had too much fun drawing this one. ♥

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2 Responses to “J16 – Purplefire vs. Kiku”

  1. KitFang Says:

    Cute! (Though honestly, I would be more worried than Purplefire seems to be if Kiku had my hair in his grip…especially with his claws on.)

    I can’t help but picture this as a possible circus act too. The question is…where will she be headed after he catches, swings, and launches her somewhere?

  2. Fenris Says:

    Clearly they’re going to take turns swinging each other up onto branches a la a two-person monkey barrel.

    I wonder if Jen set them up on a play-date. (^_^)