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J16 – Morning Zombie

This one is for Shandr, who wanted to see Larry with morning hair, wrapped in a blanket with a pillow and his favorite plushie.

Larry and Bunnicula

Color by Fenris!
Larry and Bunnicula Color

Now that was fun. ♥

The plushie is a little stuffed Bunnicula, which seemed appropriate.

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4 Responses to “J16 – Morning Zombie”

  1. Shandr Says:

    Aww, he’s almost cute ^_^ I love the fact that the rings around his eyes are deeper than usual, and the tattoo is just hilarious! His expression is a lot like mine in the morning, too. I think someone is going to be badly hurt in the near future..

  2. Shazzbaa Says:

    …Oh my, you’ve made me love Larry. He’s… he’s so cute and scruffed. BUT HE IS A ZOMBIE AND OUR LOVE CAN NEVER BE. Now see what you have done.

  3. Aja Says:

    I am contrite! D:

  4. Ruth Says:

    That Bunnicula plushie just makes it so awesome! :D I love those books.

    (And you did a good job on him too, he was very recognizable as Bunnicula even without the comment that it was!)