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J16 – Iax and Tiel

For Mollu! These are the charming angel protagonists from her comic Northwind:

I love Iax’s braid. ♥

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8 Responses to “J16 – Iax and Tiel”

  1. Zela Says:

    I love these guys *and* their hair.
    (That’s not… cheese. Unless it’s in a very strange shape.)

  2. Iroke Says:

    Pssh, cheese can be in ANY shape!

  3. Northwind - True Magic Says:

    [...] was very fortunate to get in on the free sketches on the True Magic forums and requested Tiel and Iax (obviously). If you don’t already read it, I highly suggest starting now. I mean right now. [...]

  4. Fenris Says:


  5. NoriMori Says:

    Ah, I love these guys. And I love Iax’s hair in this drawing! All flowy and awesome… Cutest dude EVER.

  6. Liliy Says:

    *pokes their cheeks* So adorable. XD

  7. Aja Says:

    Aren’t they, though! ♥

    …Mmm… cheese in a cone? I would totally try that. XD

  8. NoriMori Says:

    Dammit — I said I love Iax’s hair, I meant TIEL’s hair!!