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J16 – Hello Kiku for Asch

For Purplefire! It’s her character Asch, receiving a Hello Kiku plushie:

I wasn’t sure how Asch would react to this sort of thing, but “cautious skepticism” is usually a safe bet. :D

What do you think Kiku is telling him?

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4 Responses to “J16 – Hello Kiku for Asch”

  1. tulsileaf Says:

    “Hey pal, you want girls to flock to you? Keep this next to your bed and in the morning your hair will be just like mine. Only 300 gold.”

  2. Purplefire Says:

    Oh my squee….. I’m totally in love with this. And I’m totally in love with what tulsileaf says that Kiku is saying. :D
    I keep thinking that Kiku is saying either, “It’s a collectable item, pal! This’ll be worth a lot of money some day!” or “What do you mean you don’t know what a Hello Kiku is? Look at it! It’s the height of cuteness!”

  3. XiaoCaity Says:


    One can only imagine what Gauth would get up to with one of those. *cackles and flees*

  4. Lorien077 Says:

    XD The best part is the look on Asch’s face.