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J16 – Geoffry and Horatio

For Liliy! Who wanted to see her characters Geoffry and Horatio (from The Adventures of Wiglaf & Mordred) hangin’ out by the coffee machine:

Horatio is a model employee if ever there was one. :D

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5 Responses to “J16 – Geoffry and Horatio”

  1. Iroke Says:

    Eee~!! That’s a man-crush if there ever was one XD

  2. Fenris Says:

    Oh my… XD I love Horatio’s hair! (and the fact that you can see a little bit of chain on Geoffry’s wrist.)

  3. Liliy Says:

    *Snort giggle* XD That’s. Very true. XD And yes – their hair is amazing. >.> *wants to run her fingers through the both of them’s hair*

    The coffee mug rules all.

    Well, almost – ’cause right now that’s what you’re doing. XD *tackle hug squeeze* Thank-you!!!!!!

  4. XiaoCaity Says:

    That adorable little “Ah-heh” expression is utterly, utterly perfect. Hweeeeeeeee!

  5. Aja Says:

    Glad you like it!


    I was hoping to make a Pair-a-Thon entry this year, too, but maybe this is the next best thing? XD