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J16 – Gauth and Kiku Switch Clothes

For Jevvy! Who wanted to see Gauth and Kiku with swapped clothes, complete with reactions:

This one’s for you, Alice.

Costumes are from the old version, since one of these guys isn’t in the new comic yet.

Kiku should know better than to sleep on the couch by now. :D

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13 Responses to “J16 – Gauth and Kiku Switch Clothes”

  1. Purple Phoenix Says:

    Kiku also must be a VERY deep sleeper!

  2. Lab Rat Says:

    Awesome! Gauth is all like “I make these clothes look good.”


  3. Splendagirl Says:

    It’s like waking up and finding out you’ve been turned into the opposite gender…
    At least, that’s what Kiku’s expression reminds me of. He’s all like, “When did I get THESE?”

  4. lilyvale Says:

    Nice! I was looking forward to this one, and it didn’t disappoint!

  5. Nemilay Says:

    I think Gauth looks better in the knee high boots myself. But I’m way liking his hair down. Now that is some hot stuff!! O.O

    And yeah, Kiku really should’ve learned that the couch has it in for him by now. I bet it made itself extra comfy just to keep him asleep.

  6. Liliy Says:

    They both actually look pretty good. I rather like the bow in Kiku’s hair. XD

  7. KitFang Says:

    XDD Oh, joy of joys! Excellent take on the idea, Aja!

    I agree, Gauth looks *fantastic* with his hair down… But I do believe he made a grave error in putting that ribbon on Kiku…… Kiku could whup him right good now. >_>

    At least he doesn’t have to suffer the indignities of the cravat. XD

    ( ::carefully avoids puns about Gauth “getting into his pants”:: ……or maybe not. *snerk*)

  8. DarkMousy Says:

    I love how Gauth combed his hair back :D

  9. Nemilay Says:

    And the cape! Don’t forget that dashing cape he used to wear. Until it got ripped. Poor Gauth :(

  10. Colby Says:

    Oooo, I miss Gauth!

  11. Aja Says:

    You can’t hear it very well (because this is a sketch), but Kiku totally has an MGS Alert going off over his head.

    KitFang: … *snerk* XD

    Colby: Same here! These sketches are making me miss several characters that aren’t in the comic at the moment.

    (O Henchcaptain, where art thou?)

  12. KitFang Says:

    Henchcaptain!! D: I miss his suave, manicured awesomeness too! At least he’ll show up a bit sooner than Gauth, yes?

  13. Aja Says:

    Yes indeed. :D