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J16 – Ethan: Etherial Energy Expert

For Saint Cy! Who wanted to see his character Ethan in a new outfit, manipulating mystical energy:

I don’t know how well the costume suits the character, but they were both a ton of fun to draw. :D

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7 Responses to “J16 – Ethan: Etherial Energy Expert”

  1. Cy Says:

    This is gorgeous, thank you so much! Yes, this looks very much like Ethan. :D It’s so cool!

    She would indeed champion using one’s powers for mundane yet practical things, such as blow-drying one’s hair or using her ice powers to make iced tea. XD

  2. Liliy Says:

    The hair. So pretty…. *strokes* You’ve been amazing with hair in these. XD *claps*

    Know nothing about her – but gotta’ love any outfit that has frilly bits that float in the wind~

  3. Riverfox237 Says:

    THis is so amazingly stunning. Beautiful outfit, beautiful pose, beautiful effects…I am really in awe of this. I love whispy transparant accessories, so that was a wonderful touch. Gorgeous job once again, Aja!

  4. Riverfox237 Says:


  5. Cy Says:

    Hehe, thanks for saying so, Riverfox! I wish I had some writing to direct you to but I haven’t made much progress yet. ^^; It’s…bits and pieces, all over the place.

    Well, Ethan is very old and wise, a very gentle person, she is a philosopher, loves to read, lived in a temple as a monastic for about all of her life. She is aligned with the elements Mana, Ice, and Force (Mana is a life/healing/spiritual element, Force is an element that includes gravity, for example) and these elements govern her abilities. Few people are aligned with the Mana element, which is always a third alignment (everyone else only has two). These people are called Mystics. Judy and Cy are also Mystics. :D

  6. Riverfox237 Says:

    @Cy: Ah well, I was just checking. I enjoy so many of the characters who get drawn during Aja’s sketch adventures, it would be nice to see more of them. But obviously, in your case it can’t be helped. Thanks for the interesting info about her background! =D Ooo, gravity powers. That would be awesome. I assume this means she can fly. ^^

  7. Aja Says:

    Neat! She sounds like a cool person. :D

    And gravity-magic-powered flight would indeed be fun. It might also be handy for moving large objects up and down stairs, or for making hostile opponents sit down and behave (or at least sit down). XD

    It’s always interesting to hear about a story’s magic system. I wonder if there are potential third alignments other than Mana…