Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape

J16 – Ethan Casting an Ice Spell

This one is for Jeffrey, who wanted to see Ethan‘s ice magic in action:

Iced Tea Made Easy

Sketching something that looks like ice is a bit tricky, but this was a lot of fun. :D

P.S. This one had to be retro-posted from THE FUTURE because all my drawing time for the day was spent on the comic. Whoops.

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8 Responses to “J16 – Ethan Casting an Ice Spell”

  1. Liliy Says:

    Oh~ Digging the upward angle.:D

  2. Cy Says:

    Yeah, very cool.

  3. KitFang Says:

    Ooo…I’m loving the expressiveness and tangible feel of the fabric in this one! :: thumbs up! ::

  4. Riverfox237 Says:

    Oo, that looks fantastic, Aja! =D I love the perspective, and the ice is beautiful. I love her outfit. Great job!

  5. Fenris Says:

    Wo-hoa, that is seriously awesome. That does indeed look like ice and I’m digging the billows and wrinkles in her clothing, not to mention her hair.
    (Well, the billowy-ness, anyway. Hair doesn’t normally wrinkle unless you sleep on it while it’s wet.)

  6. Aja Says:

    Thanks, guys! I hadn’t tried any non-standard camera angles in a while. I’m glad you like how it turned out. ^^

    (Yeah, pretty much whenever I think of “magic casting,” I also think, “woo, an excuse for dramatic pose practice.”) :D

  7. Lab Rat Says:

    You are so good at drawing fluid motion things where the picture actually looks like it’s moving. Maybe it’s all the swirls of fabric and movement, but your style is very good at making things look like their in motion. :)

  8. Riverfox237 Says:

    Hey, no excuse for dramatic pose practice is a bad excuse! ;D
    And you’re very welcome! ^^ The praise is well-deserved.