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J16 – Cthulhu

For see317! Who wanted to see H. P. Lovecraft’s insanity-inducing Elder God, and not — he was quite clear on this point — an adorable version thereof. This Cthulhu should not in any way be cute, charming, sweet, cuddly, winsome or twee.

WELL FINE. But only because other people have already proved that Cthulhu can be adorable. ♥

You know, once you start drawing tentacles, it’s kind of hard to stop.

In other news, I briefly considered drawing Sexy Cthulhu just to be contrary… but only very briefly.

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10 Responses to “J16 – Cthulhu”

  1. Falingard Says:

    I briefly considered changing my J16 request to Sexy Cthulhu, but only very briefly.

  2. Cy Says:

    By God, you guys, this was taken from life!

    That is very frightening. Thank you for the rubber ducky. I take solace in it.

  3. DarkMousy Says:

    Well, I think he’s still kinda cute. XD
    And it’s a good thing you already drew mine, or I would probably have changed it to Sexy Cthulhu because you went and planted the idea in my head.

  4. Dale Says:

    Awesome rendition of the Old God. Every comic needs more Old God in it, even by passing reference.

  5. Liliy Says:

    It’s the eyes! They EYES!

    *pokes him*

    Cthulhu vs Lucideius. It’s on. *puts on cool glasses*

  6. XiaoCaity Says:

    That. That is epic. That is how Cthulhu is meant to look! And yet I still have the strange urge to flail and squee…

  7. Aja Says:

    @Falingard: Well, I haven’t started on yours yet, so there’s still time. *eyebrow waggle*

    @Cy: Well spotted, good sir. :D I’m glad it helps.

    @Liliy: Now that would be an interesting match-up. On the one hand, Lucideus is immune to crushing tentacles and the mind-rending horror of witnessing things-which-should-not-be. On the other hand, Cthulhu is probably immune to twinkly light shows. Hmmm…

  8. See317 Says:

    But is Cthulhu immune to fire? Maybe Lucideus could overheat a cup of coffee for Big C or something. Make him burn his mouth tentacles…

    Or, maybe, just boil the ocean around him. Probably wouldn’t be as effective as spearing him with a large boat, but I imagine it’d work. Worst part, can you imagine the smell? I can’t imagine elder god-thing soup would be that pleasant in small quantities, let alone a bowl the size of a good size lake.

    Let’s be honest though, at this point, Luci’s probably be so fed up with his priesthood (and so thrilled to see another god show up) that he’d probably just toss Cthulhu the proverbial keys to the planet while he drove off in his deific chariot (I imagine it looks like a classic Jag with a convertible roof). No back ground check, not even a moment of hesitation when he realizes that the mere pronunciation of Cthulhu’s name drives mortals insane (or worse). Lucideus has a big night on the town planned, and a baby sitter just showed up. He’s out.

  9. KitFang Says:

    YES. Nicely done! I admit that I’ve never read any Lovecraft, but I’ve seen enough Mack Daddy C’s around to love this. I like the sense of power here. I totally believe he could rip me apart in a horribly painful manner. Wonderfully dramatic lighting going on here, yet it still feels slightly soft…like he’s being primarily being lit by the torches of terrified sailors or maybe a coastal town. (Or so I picture it…)

    Oh man, I’d love to see Lucideus and this Cthulu face off. I wonder if our light god could blind him? …of course, a blind Cthulu is probably only *slightly* less dangerous. Or perhaps his rage would make him that much more violent? Hm.

    @See: Ughuck. I can just almost imagine the smell. Many lunches would be lost. I’m pretty sure that body of water couldn’t support life again for a long, LONG time.
    I wish I could really imagine Lucideus being able to take off at his leisure… Your description here brings a sad smile to my face. In my head-canon, he’s living an incredibly tortured existence…trapped for thousands of years. Possibly partly reduced to being scattered in particles across the land.
    OH, NO! What if when he actually does resurface, he’s been terribly changed by his experience?! 8[ I…I think it’s kind of scary to imagine a darker (lol), vengeful Lucideus.

    As for cute incarnations…I think my favorite cute interpretation of him was probably this ridiculously cute My Little Pony custom that I saw years and years ago. Of course, now I can’t find a picture of the darn thing.

    (I’m gonna shut up now because I’m not 100% sure that my 6am ramblings are even coherent. Man, I should be asleep. Peace out, my Truly Magical brethren.)

  10. Fenris Says:

    One of my best friends knitted a Cthulhu cover for her USB drive. Unfortunately it was so adorable one of her classmates stole it.

    I don’t normally get creeped out by artwork, but GAH the eyes. They stare into my soul :[