Sometimes Magic Sounds Like Tape


D: Y’know, cyclopses are always depicted as so crude and ugly. I wonder if it’s possible to make one that actually looks intelligent.

Aja: …!

Ten minutes later:

It took every ounce of willpower not to give it a monocle.


5 Responses to “Cyclassy”

  1. Fenris Says:

    Oh, Aja. You have stolen my girlish, depraved little heart. And I don’t even swing that way. Now what am I to do?

  2. Zela Says:

    Eeee! Now just imagine him leaning on a piece of Chippendale the size of a double decker bus, and we’re set! :D
    …Must be hard only having one aristocratic eyebrow.

  3. DarkMousy Says:

    I wonder if he occasionally wrinkles the eyebrow in the other direction to make sure his facial muscles develop equally.

  4. Aja Says:

    Yes, having half as many eyebrows must make it difficult to be sufficiently supercilious. I imagine he practices many rigorous face-training exercises to compensate.

    Fenris… I don’t know. Maybe fetch me a diet Pepsi? XD

  5. Lab Rat Says:

    omg this is genious! How on earth you manage to get a guy with only one eyebrow look like he’s raising one eyebrow and not the other is beyond me. Great job and heh for the concept :)