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A Symmetrical Guy

Real men wear pink (and use excessive eyeshadow).

…The result of playing around in Photoshop. Since there’s no built-in auto symmetry function (is there??) I recorded a custom Action as the next-best thing. Now I can erase the left half of a layer, duplicate the right half, flip the copy horizontally and merge it back down just by pressing F5. :) Very handy for character/costume design.

I have no idea who this guy is.

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11 Responses to “A Symmetrical Guy”

  1. KitFang Says:

    Very interesting–love those eyes!
    You know, I’m always slightly scared of delving into the world of custom Actions. I think maybe my subconscious expects I will be imbuing Photoshop with enough AI to wipe me out. XD (Or more mundanely…that it won’t quite work right and then I’ll accidentally save after whatever it did poorly. >_> ) I understand they are quite handy though…and I will admit, I use the dup’ing and flipping more regularly than I probably ought to… Perhaps it is time to forge ahead into this brave, new world! …we’ll see. ^_^()
    For some reason…the makeup designs reminds me of the Thundercats. <3

  2. Aja Says:

    I know. XD I used to be afraid of messing something up with those, too. But they’re actually not that threatening! And they’re very handy for speeding up things you find yourself doing all the time (expanding and filling selections, cropping and resizing, etc.). The multi-step Actions can stuff up your history pretty quickly so that you can’t go back as far as you’d like — but if you make a history snapshot beforehand, you’ll be okay.

    Oh, that’s another thing: Setting the program to create a new snapshot every time you save is reeeally useful. And after a long drawing session, it can be fun to click through your snapshots to see your stages of progress. :)

    …Thundercats, you say?

    *Google Images*

    Oh ho ho. I think I might have my next Halloween idea!

  3. Aja Says:

    Forgot to mention, one of my favorite Actions is a really simple one with two steps:
    1. Make a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer with these settings.
    2. Make a new layer.

    That puts a light blue effect over the current layer so that you can use it as a template, and creates a new art layer for you to start drawing on. It makes for a nice streamlined process of Rough Sketch -> [Action] -> Refined Sketch -> [Action] -> Lineart, and lets you use the same brush color and settings throughout.

    The nice thing is that every time you use it, the lower layers get progressively lighter. So you can have as many iterations of the “refined sketch” stage as necessary (which… is a good thing for me). XD

  4. DarkMousy Says:

    He’s so purty! ‘Specially the eyes. I hope you figure out who he is so we can see more of him later ;-)

  5. KitFang Says:

    Bah, sorry for the delayed response to your tips! (Crazy busy week, go!)

    The snapshots before doing a big Action is a great idea. Perhaps that will make me less worried about them. ;D I think I already have it set to snapshot each time I save…I was so thrilled with that when I discovered it was a setting. *_* Mrowr…so nice.

    *gasp* You’ve never seen Thundercats?! While I wouldn’t call it epic, storytelling…it is certainly worth a watch. If only for the lolz. Watch for Snarf. Best character ever. ^_~ “Snaaarrrf~”

    I loved Thundercats and Silverhawks when I was kid (yet strangely, didn’t watch much He-Man and She-Ra…what’s up with that?) I need to get my paws on more Silverhawks sometime–I think it didn’t air as often or something, because it is strangely absent from my ancient vhs tapes of recorded cartoons. I remember truly loving Silverhawks…it was probably one of my first exposures to Sci-Fi concepts. (At least in the sense that they were in “space”…and were basically bionic cyborgs.) I still have my few toys with the pop-out wings/arms! 8Db

    That templatizer looks fantastic! I’m totally going to use that one. <3 (I never thought about making it an action I could just set…normally I either do it by hand, or more often, use a different color for different stages and then lower their transparency as I go.)

  6. Aja Says:

    Alas. XD I seem to have missed several classic cartoons, despite being a big fan of them.

    *pats single Dungeons & Dragons VHS*

    I’ll see if I can find some Thundercats and Silverhawks to expand my repertoire!

    …It is useful! I just wish I could remember which art book I found it in, because it had a lot of other great Photoshop tips. (I ought to compile a “recommended reading” list sometime, so I don’t forget these things.) ^^;

  7. Fangalator Says:

    This guy looks a lot like one of the Na’vi in the movie Avatar…Am I the only one who thinks this?

  8. Aja Says:

    Like this guy? Sure, I can see the resemblance, with the face-stripes and pointed ears.

    …Now I want to watch Avatar again. ♥

  9. Hunter Bahamut Says:

    I just stumbled onto your art blog here and I saw this image, this is pretty impressive, I like he markings and the colors.
    In a way he reminds me of Kotaro Fuma from Samurai Warriors 2.

  10. Rowena Says:

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice that is you squished the ‘a’ and the ‘symmetrical’, you get ‘asymmetrical’. Which would then contradict the title, but still makes for something fun to talk about!

  11. Aja Says:

    Oh hey, that’s true. XD

    (At least he has somewhat asymmetrical hair.)