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24 Hour Comics Day 2008

Man. Al~most. I drew almost 18 pages!

I took a nice nap partway through (and then another one immediately afterward), but for the time I was actually drawing, I averaged at least a page per hour. Considering that sketching a page per day was somewhat of an accomplishment for me before: WOO!

Edit: And it’s done! You can read it here!

I had all kinds of fun with that. I hope you guys enjoy it. :D

Edit: Thanks to Drew, now it has a title!

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30 Responses to “24 Hour Comics Day 2008”

  1. Jeo Says:

    Bewear grass for the mower is unleashed! With the mighty clip, clip of spinning blade, thy will be laid flat! :)

  2. ZEITGEIST / Collective Memory: 24HCD 2008 Says:

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  3. ZEITGEIST / Collective Memory: 24HCD 2008 Says:

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  4. Silfedac Says:

    Haha, this is brilliant.

  5. Riverfox237 Says:

    XD THAT WAS AMAZING!!! XD You rock! I knew there had to be an interesting twist w/ the dandelions! The sword only strengthened the fact. And I love Rex the rabbit-dog! Awesome job, Aja! You should do a sequal sometime. ^^ Whoo!

    One Question: why is the paper green? I only ask out of pure curiousity.

  6. Jeo Says:

    I wonder if my commission had anything to do with your choise of hair for our hero……It does make one think. ;) I really did love the comic. Your style has grown so much since the start of TM 1.0 that I am amazed! I also want to know why is the paper green? Are you trying to send an earth friendly message?

  7. Calays Says:

    And this is how heroes are born. I seem to do jobs like Victor too, never finishing them. Oh, and I love his goggles. …I love all goggles. Yeah.

  8. Duessa Says:

    I want a Rex of my very own!

  9. peanutpire Says:

    Awesome! Made of win! The dandelion monster was my favorite. :D

  10. Colby Says:

    Hahaha, so awesome. I loved this. The bunny-dog was also cute.

  11. Aja Says:

    Thanks, guys!

    Haha, I’ve just gotten into the habit of drawing on a colored background. It makes it easier to plan the lighting. For this one, since our hero spends so much time in the yard, and I wanted the yellow dandelions to stand out, I used green. :D

    Oh hey, he does sort of have Kakashi hair. XD

    *nod* Goggles make everything better. Even if they seem to do nothing.

  12. Kat Says:

    That was pretty darn awesome. XD I’m impressed that you managed to do all that without the art level going down as you wended your way more and more deeply into the realm of insomnia. The dog-rabbit was awesome.

    Curiosity: is there a place like this where we can comment on the actual True Magic comic as each page comes out? I’d like to do that, if it was possible!

  13. DarkMousy Says:

    Am I the only one who thought that while Rex the rabbit-dog was pretty cute, he was also slightly creepy?

    I like how the old man doesn’t seem to have a name.

  14. Kat Says:

    I vote for calling Rex a Rabog! Because the only other option is a Dogbit, which sounds painful. Unless you thought of it like a bitty dog. Then again, a Rabog could sound like a rabid dog. Hmmm…

    A Dobbit! I dunno, that sounds a bit like ‘hobbit.’ Maybe if you used bunny instead….Dogby? Bunog? That sounds like a bunny-shaped Balrog. Bunnoggit! No. Maybe Dogabbit. I could go with Dogabbit.

  15. Fenris Says:

    Dogabbit sounds like an exclamation. “Oh, DOGABBIT!”

    DarkMousy- We can call him Tom. You know, for T.he O.ld

    I’m slightly disappointed that Trevor (was that his name…?) aka Mysterious-fork-dude didn’t show up, but the story was awesome anyway. I especially liked the ‘cold-nose-on-bare-ankle’d” sound effect.

  16. Miriam Says:


  17. Aja Says:

    Dogabbit it all to heck ‘n’ tarnation!

    Hey, wow, someone remembered Trevor. XD I wanted to include him (and maybe a couple other characters from that story setting), but there didn’t seem to be room. If I try it again with a sequel next year, I’ll make sure to give him some screen time.

    Kat: Sure! True Magic doesn’t have blog-style comments, but you can register at the forum if you like. That’s where most of the comic discussion goes on.

    By the way, I’m thinking that the comic ought to have a title. So far “The Dandelion King” is the only one that’s occurred to me, but considering that the monster at the end is supposed to be a surprise, that might be too spoilerish. (I realize the larger issue is that it’s a terrible pun, but that has never stopped me before.) :D

    What do you guys think?

  18. Drew Daniels Says:

    I’ve come up with several names for your use.

    A Weekend with Dandelions
    Dial “D” for Dandelions
    Yard Work
    Laziness is a Bad Thing
    I Was a Teenage Yard Worker.
    The Life and Times of Victor
    Dandelion Duty

    Yes… all corny, feel free to wrinkle your nose at them.

  19. lilyvale Says:

    That was great! The art is amazing for a 24-hour comic, and it was quite entertaining. I would love to see the story continue–in fact, at the last page I absentmindedly clicked Next before realizing, “This is the end — that means there isn’t any more! =(”

    I like the green background.

    DarkMousy- I think Rex was *supposed* to be slightly creepy (and I second you on him being cute). But am I the only one who assumed he’s just a rabbit and not some sort of cross between species?

  20. Fenris Says:

    Lilyvale- I figured he was just a rabbit too. That’s an arguable point though, seeing as rabbits don’t have pads.

  21. Aja Says:

    Rex is a mystery mammal. Is he a rodent? A canine? A marsupiel? Only Tom knows! (Maybe.)

    lilyvale: Thanks! Though to be fair, pages 19-24 were drawn after I’d already passed the time limit, so I didn’t rush those quite as much. XD

    Drew: Haha, nice. I might just use one of those!

  22. Ezri Says:

    *squeals* That was great! Owning two little rabbit-like creatures myself, I absolutely LOVED Rex! Where can I get one? ;)

  23. Kat Says:

    I am all over those forums like cheese on toast.

    @Drew: My vote is “I Was A Teenage Yard Worker!” Man, I miss those cheesy 80s teenager movies.

  24. Purple Phoenix Says:

    I also vote for “I Was A Teenage Yard Worker!” It gives very little away but still readers will know that yard work is involed. Woot!

  25. Lu Says:

    That 24 hour comic was awesome! Loved it.

  26. Rex Says:

    That was cute! I liked it!

  27. Raidell Says:

    I loved this. I do think it is a little creepy that Rex had yellow eyes after eating all of those dandelions. He looks possessed or something. @.@ Perhaps the evil dandelions will control him from the inside to get revenge on Trevor! Or perhaps my imagination is a little too active!

    …I think that last one is right. XD Anyway, thought it was awesome.

  28. Aja Says:

    “I Was A Teenage Yard Worker” it is!

    Ezri: It’s actually remarkably simple.
    Step 1: Start with an ordinary specimen of Flemish Giant.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Dogabbit!

    Raidell: Indeed. Powered up, or possessed? It could go either way, bwahahaa.

    Thanks for the awesome feedback, guys! Your comments are always fun and encouraging to read. And hey, now we have a title for the comic, a name for the old man, and a species for Rex. Good stuff. :D

  29. Raidell Says:

    Oops! I meant Victor (instead of Trevor). XD

  30. Aja Says:

    No worries! (But they could very well go after Trevor, too.) XD