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New Pages Coming Soon

Hey guys! I hope you're doing well.

Another quick update today: I'll be starting up the comic again soon -- most likely later this month!

In the meantime, this may be a good time to visit the archives and catch up on the story, if you're so inclined. :)

Cheers, and thank you for waiting so patiently!

Featured Friend:

A Drop of Blood
A Drop of Blood (PG-13 - Moderate Violence)

Goal: Steal artifact from temple. Step 1: Steal a jet to get there. Our heroine has some unusual abilities to help her out -- but so do her enemies. Action movie style, fast pacing and striking artwork make this an exciting read.


Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! Just a quick update to let you know that I'm still here, and still actively working on True Magic.

I've made a lot of progress, and I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to start publishing new pages in the next few months. At the very least, I'll post another news update here (hopefully with a clearer ETA) sometime in early March.

Thank you so much (again) for your patience. ♥ Here's wishing you all a lovely holiday and a wonderful New Year!


Page 529 + An Update About Updates

Page 529 is up!

Hey guys! Sorry about the long gap since the last update. I've been working through even more Computer Stuff™ over the past few months. There's still more to do, but at least the essential things are working again (and in some cases, working better than before). Yay!

However, all that Computer Stuff™ was only a fraction of the "stuff that has been interfering with comic production."

As I've mentioned before, I spent over a decade working nearly nonstop to pay the bills. During that time, a lot of non-work things went untended: home repair, hardware/software upkeep, business organization, and a million little important (but not yet urgent at the time) bits of life maintenance.

And it turns out, if you let that non-work stuff go downhill long enough, it can eventually compromise your ability to work.

Who knew?

Anyway, I'm gradually getting things back on track -- but the more stuff I've dealt with, the more stuff I've discovered that still really needs to be fixed.

So I'll be keeping the comic on hold a while longer while I work on that. (Thankfully, an alternate source of income came along just in time to cover some "down for maintenance" time. It's temporary, but I intend to make the most of this opportunity.)

This will probably take several more months, and I apologize again for any frustration or disappointment.

As always, I want to draw new comic pages even more than you want to read them.

But a long-form story like this is a marathon project. It needs to be sustainable -- which means that other parts of life need to be working too.

To extend the "marathon project" metaphor...


Have you ever gone out for a run, only to realize that you forgot your water bottle?

And one of your shoes is too tight, so it's starting to form a blister?

And the other shoe has a tiny Lego in it?

Also, you somehow put your hoodie on backward, and the hood keeps flapping up over your face?

And a button just fell off your pants, so now they're trying to inch their way down with every step?

And the aforementioned hood just scooped up a passing bee, which is now lost somewhere in your clothing? And you can sense its mounting disgruntlement?

But hey, you've got a great playlist, and running is your favorite thing, and you don't want to disappoint your fitness buddies... and also (for some reason?) if you don't cover enough distance this month, you won't be able to pay your rent... so maybe you should just push on and make the best of it for the next ten miles?


If so, you have a perfect understanding of my comic-making situation for the past several years.

Sometimes, you just have to go home and sort things out.

True Magic updates will resume when I've sorted things out -- probably in early 2023.

In the meantime, I encourage you to add the True Magic RSS to your feed reader, so that you can see new updates automatically (without having to manually check this page).

And I'll be posting new updates as soon possible, because I really really want to make more comics, like right now, but aaagh, why is this bee blaming me for all its life problems?!

...I'll be back in a bit.

Thank you for (I hope) your understanding and patience.

♥ ♥ ♥

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