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February 20th Update!

Page 378 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can check out the next 5 pages too!)

This week, let me tell you about...


We all need more epic metal in our lives, right? Of course we do, and this guitarist is here to help!


Let It Go (Epic Metal Cover) (Possibly my favorite version of this song. The guitar shredding is indeed epic, and the singer really hits it out of the park. Turns out this song sounds great with male vocals!)

Epic Metal Shining Force Medley (An awesome tribute to one of my favorite games. ♥ Even if you've never played Shining Force, give this a listen! The game has a fantastic soundtrack, and this guy does an excellent job of covering some of its best songs. Also, he looks a bit like Henson in this video, which makes me smile.)

Is there anything you'd like to recommend? Feel free to tell me about it on the forum!

Featured Friend:

Northwind Comic

Two well-meaning yet clueless angels have been banished to Earth. What did these charming fellows do to get in such trouble? And what further mischief will they stir up on Earth? Read the comic to see!


February 13th Update!

Page 377 is up! Heh heh... Happy Valentine's Day? (As always, patrons can check out the next 5 pages too.)

This week, let me tell you about...

Smooth McGroove

I know, I know, YOU have heard of him already. ;) This post is for those OTHER guys. You know... the ones like me, who live in a cocoon, and only rarely peek out to glimpse the light of popular culture.

This fine gentleman makes amazing acapella covers of video game music (and occasionally other things). They're cheerful, charming, technically impressive, and just plain fun to listen to.

They're fun to watch, too. See if you can catch all the cameos of his cat. :3

Here are a few great examples of his work:

Super Mario Bros 2 - Overworld Theme Acapella (A lively song to start your day. So peppy!)

Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambience Acapella (A lovely rendition of a classic track. So soothing...)

Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone Acapella (The first SMG song that I ever found, and still one of my favorites. Also, see that link in the video description that says "Become my Patron"? That's how I learned about Patreon. Thank you, Mr. McGroove, for indirectly saving the comic. ♥ )

Is there anything you'd like to recommend? Feel free to tell me about it on the forum!


February 6th Update!

Page 376 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can check out the next 5 pages too!)

This week, let me tell you about...


Hey, you know that movie you liked? This guy will tell you even more reasons why it's awesome. And that movie you didn't like so much? Well, he can make you feel a little better about the time you spent watching it.

His channel is dedicated to highlighting all the things that make a movie delightful: the sneaky setups, the clever subversions, the meaningful references, the blink-and-you-miss-it sight gags, the Crowning Moments of Awesome... you know, everything great about them.

Prepare to say, "I didn't notice that!" "I hadn't thought of it that way!" and "Hey, that makes it even better!"

Here are a couple of the recent uploads that I've enjoyed:

Everything GREAT About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! (When I saw the movie, I thought it was... pretty good. Apparently I'd missed -- or not properly appreciated -- a whole lot of awesome stuff, because this video increased my Retroactive Enthusiasm by about 200%.)

Everything GREAT About Spider-Man: Homecoming! (Loved the movie, and this made me appreciate it even more. :D This guy pointed out so many fun little moments and connections with other films in the MCU that I would have completely missed. Peter Parker was the kid at the fair in Iron Man 2? Who knew?)

Is there anything you'd like to recommend? Feel free to tell me about it on the forum!


Happy Comic Anniversary! And Other Good News

September 16th marks the start of a new year of True Magic. Huzzah!

Also, you may have noticed that we've had a new comic page every week recently! I'm eager to get back to the normal update schedule (and maybe even improve upon on it).

If you're enjoying the comic, you're welcome to join in the fun directly and become a True Magic patron! As a thank-you gift, I always make each new page available for patrons at least a week before I publish it here on the main site. (Right now, you can see the next three pages.)

We're almost halfway to the very modest funding goal that would allow me to produce the comic full-time. Meanwhile, every dollar pledged is helping me to keep the lights on, keep buying food, and keep creating more handsome peasant hijinks to share with you guys. ♥

Thank you for being awesome!


Northwind Returns!

Northwind, one of my favorite webcomics, just started updating again!

If you enjoy True Magic, I'm pretty sure you'll like Northwind as much as I do. It's a fun urban fantasy adventure with an intriguing story, charming characters, some delightfully silly moments, and... did I mention that it features handsome angels with fabulous hair?

Go check it out, my friends! ♥

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