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January 15th Update!

Page 425 is up! (And the last 2 pages of the scene are up early on Patreon.) ♥

SpiderForest's Comics of the Week event continues! You might already be familiar with some of this week's featured comics...

SpiderForest Featured Comics - Week 2

Heart of Keol - A young man from a broken family wakes up in a strange world filled with magic. As he navigates through the local culture, he makes mistakes, meets new friends, and reflects on his family baggage.

Corner the Maze - Chimalli Ramírez is a racing driver eager to make his mark with a new team. When he finds himself stranded in another dimension after veering off track during a sudden rain storm, he's not sure whether he hit the wall or actually went through the strange glowing green portal, but he's determined to fight his way back home and finish the race. (Rated Teen for violence, disturbing imagery and occasional swearing.)

True Magic - A fun fantasy adventure about handsome peasants, the fireball-throwing nobles who use them for target practice, and the dangerous conspiracy they stumble into on their quest for better treatment.

Featured Friend:

Adhemlenei: Fantasy Artwork

The blog and art gallery of one of True Magic's long-time readers, Zela (a.k.a. Illinia). There's a ton of art and writing to browse, as well as two(!) ongoing fantasy webcomics. Good fun. Go see!


January 8th Update!

Page 424 is up! (And for True Magic's supporters, the last 3 pages of the scene are up early on Patreon.) ♥

The new year is also the start of SpiderForest's annual Comics of the Week event! SF members are getting together to help promote each other's work, which means I'll be sharing lots of great comics with you guys over the next few weeks.

I hope you'll check them out, and if you find something you love, please let the creators know that you're enjoying their work!

SpiderForest Featured Comics - Week 1

The Cyantian Chronicles: An adventure in finding yourself and living with it.
The Cyantians are a race of uplifted creatures, created to serve a dying alien race. Abandoned on a world not their own, they're learning to make it home.

Soul's Journey: A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it's too late?

Realm of Owls offers a healthy dose of OWLS. And why not have some HUMOR with your OWLS as well? (And possibly a hint of SATIRE. We don't know how that got there, but you can have it.)


Happy New Year!

Page 423 is up! (The next 4 pages are also up early for our lovely patrons.)

And 2019 is here! Whatever goals you've set for improving yourself and your life, I'm wishing you the courage to stick with them, and the joy of continual success. ♥

In case you could use a little inspiration, here are a few of my favorite quotes on the subject:

"Success is steady progress toward one's personal goals."
- Jim Rohn

"You are successful once you start moving toward a worthwhile goal."
- Charles Carlson

"Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person."
- Earl Nightingale

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be."
- George Sheehan

"Success lies in doing not what others consider to be great but what you consider to be right."
- John Gray

"If the love of what you do exceeds the effort of doing it, success is inevitable."
- Pat Croce

"Success will never be a big step in the future; success is a small step taken just now."
- Jonatan Mĺrtensson

"No amount of success is insignificant."
- Stephen Guise

"If you can always find a way to start, you won't be stopped."
- Stephen Guise

"Make your life what you want it to be for you — that is true success."
- Jim Rohn

One step at a time, let's make this year the best one yet!


Merry Christmas!

Page 422 is up! (And for our heroic True Magic patrons, the next 5 pages are up right now, with the conclusion of this very long scene.)

Happy Holidays, and here's to a bright new year in 2019!

Thank you for reading. ♥

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