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April 23rd Update!

Page 439 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can check out the next 2 pages a couple weeks early.) ♥


Featured Friend:

Adhemlenei: Fantasy Artwork

The blog and art gallery of one of True Magic's long-time readers, Zela (a.k.a. Illinia). There's a ton of art and writing to browse, as well as two(!) ongoing fantasy webcomics. Good fun. Go see!


April 16th Update!

Page 438 is up! (And the next 2 pages are up early for patrons!)

Thank you for reading. ♥


April 9th Update!

Page 437 is up! (And of course, you're invited to join the patron party and see the next 2 pages today!)

By the way, it looks like Corporal Phidega recently took a trip to the Castoff world for a cameo (pages 24-26)! Check it out to see him doing what he does best: menacing heroes in alleyways (with inevitable results). :D

Castoff is also getting ready to celebrate its 4-year anniversary with a special offer for new patrons. If you want to support another awesome comic on Patreon, now is a great time to do it, since the creator is offering some great exclusive art goodies to everyone who pledges before the 17th. ♥


April 2nd Update!

Page 436 is up! (And the next 3 pages are up early for patrons!)

In other news, I recently ran a poll to help decide the theme for this year's Fanservice Day pinup. Given the choices of Fairies, Merfolk, and Cyberpunk, people overwhelmingly voted for... all three of them equally. :D

Needless to say, I had a ton of fun drawing it. You can check out the results in this free public post:

April Fanservice Day 2019 Pinup

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