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439 - Sarging Out the Door
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April 23rd Update!

Page 439 is up! (And if you're a patron, you can check out the next 2 pages a couple weeks early.) ♥


Featured Friend:

Northwind Comic

Two well-meaning yet clueless angels have been banished to Earth. What did these charming fellows do to get in such trouble? And what further mischief will they stir up on Earth? Read the comic to see!


April 16th Update!

Page 438 is up! (And the next 2 pages are up early for patrons!)

Thank you for reading. ♥


April 9th Update!

Page 437 is up! (And of course, you're invited to join the patron party and see the next 2 pages today!)

By the way, it looks like Corporal Phidega recently took a trip to the Castoff world for a cameo (pages 24-26)! Check it out to see him doing what he does best: menacing heroes in alleyways (with inevitable results). :D

Castoff is also getting ready to celebrate its 4-year anniversary with a special offer for new patrons. If you want to support another awesome comic on Patreon, now is a great time to do it, since the creator is offering some great exclusive art goodies to everyone who pledges before the 17th. ♥


April 2nd Update!

Page 436 is up! (And the next 3 pages are up early for patrons!)

In other news, I recently ran a poll to help decide the theme for this year's Fanservice Day pinup. Given the choices of Fairies, Merfolk, and Cyberpunk, people overwhelmingly voted for... all three of them equally. :D

Needless to say, I had a ton of fun drawing it. You can check out the results in this free public post:

April Fanservice Day 2019 Pinup

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