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March 26th Update!

Page 435 is up! (And patrons can also see the next 2 pages early!)

More importantly, my friend (and author of one of my favorite comics) needs your help!

Molly's cat, Topher, just had a health emergency, and it cost $5000(!) to save his life. His family loves him dearly, so they did everything necessary to take care of him -- but now they could really use some support to lighten the burden of those vet fees.

Please consider donating to their GoFundMe campaign if you can. You can also help just by sharing the link. ♥

Donate to Help with Topher's Vet Fees

Here is Topher on his favorite bee pillow. Thank you for any help that you can give to this cutie!

Featured Friend:

A Drop of Blood
A Drop of Blood (PG-13 - Moderate Violence)

Goal: Steal artifact from temple. Step 1: Steal a jet to get there. Our heroine has some unusual abilities to help her out -- but so do her enemies. Action movie style, fast pacing and striking artwork make this an exciting read.


March 19th Update!

Page 434 is up! (And as always, you're invited to join me on Patreon and see the next page early!)

In other news, I just made my very first tutorial! A lovely patron asked me how I take a page from the flat color stage to the finished state, so I did my best to explain how I approach the entire process:

Overall Lighting and Color Scheme
Cel Shading
Sometimes a Gradient Map for Extra Fanciness
Ambient Glow and Atmosphere
Checking/Adjusting Contrast and Clarity

I also included a layered PSD file that you can download, so that you can see exactly what I'm talking about at each step. The tutorial is available to everyone who pledges $5 or more on Patreon. Feel free to check it out if you're interested! I hope it's helpful. ♥

True Magic Shading/Lighting Process Tutorial + Downloadable PSD

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